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How to Schedule Summer Camps

Today I want to talk with you about planning for summer camps. While its winter in most of the country we are freezing this week, lots of snow has finally arrived because its February. And if its February in some cases you might already be too late to make plans for summer camp. I know it sounds insane but this is the time when you need to put those plans in place and make those tough decisions. So here are my three tips to help you while you are considering summer vacation plans that involve camps for your kids.

1. Choose What they Love: While you might really load them up with academic interests, you want to work hard to insure that no matter what the topic is for the camp, if its sports, academics pursuits, some kind of extracurricular interest, or if its just plain old fashioned and awesome camp, make sure it matches with your child’s natural interest. There’s nothing worse than the back fire of your child hating the experience and you wasting money along the way.

2. Take a Friend: Think playmate, classmate, teammate, anyone who your child would love sharing the activity with your child as well. Things always go well when there is a familiar face. No matter if its day camp or overnight camp, which often includes greater expense and is farther away, if there is one friendly face in the crowd it can make all the difference in your child having a truly successful experience.

3. Synch Schedules: It all depends on how you want to work this but there are two schools of thought that seem to serve most Moms well. For me because we tend to do multiple camps, rather than have one child gone with two others out over the summer, it helps me to have a few weeks over those twelve weeks of summer where they are all gone. I work it together with carpools so I can still max my time at home so it gives me an uninterrupted week where I know the house is empty. This helps me focus on big projects at work, prepare for conference travel, or get everything ready for back to school. This just makes things go well for me. For some families, spreading camps out can be a great solution to give you that coveted one on one time with each child that can be so hard to find. You always want to evaluate what will help or hurt your schedules for the best. As a work at home mom, having a few weeks in the summer with a completely empty house is a huge gift for the juggle.

I hope these three tips help you as you consider summer camp opportunities that might fit well for your children. Summer camps come in all different shapes and sizes from a few days to a week, to local to overnight so check it out. YOu might be surprised at all the wonderful enrichment out there that could truly make the difference in creating a wonderful summer for all of you. Tell me…have you already signed your kids up for camp?

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