How to Plan for A Spring Clean Up

A new post here on Outsmart the Chaos, this segment first aired on My Carolina Today in March, 2010.  Full of awesome tips to help you not be overwhelmed and actually plan your time to make your spring clean up happen.

Like most any project, tackling your spring clean up needs a good plan and the reality is its far more than just dusting or cleaning the toilets.  Because Spring is such a busy time in my family, its one of those seasons where the bar goes up for me to be on top of how to get most everything done.  I live by my color coded planner, both keeping me on time and reminding me all the other tasks I’ll need to tackle along the way.  Here are 10 tips to help you get organized and plan for a spring clean up that will leave your home clean inside and out!

1.  Make a list and use a Spring Cleaning Checklist to give you reminders about what is seasonally needed.

3.  Prioritize that list, picking Top 5 Must Dos.

4.  Estimate time taking into account the number of family members available to complete the Top 5 Must Dos

5.  Block time on your planner with the entire season in full view, taking into account holidays, sports, and more.

6.  Use a Project Planner to help you map out steps, making sure you remember everything when planning ahead.

7.  Take inventory of your supplies to make sure you have everything you need to execute the project on the day its scheduled.

8.  As you tackle the project, sort any items you are dealing with into piles, TRASH, DONATE, SELL, KEEP.   Then challenge yourself to put just half of your KEEP items back, adding them instead to DONATE or SELL.

9.  Earn money from your SELL pile.  Consider putting items on Craig’s List or go the distance and have a garage sale now that everything is all clean.

10.  Celebrate your success!  With each project checked off your list, celebrate your family’s hard work with a fun activity the entire gang will be sure to enjoy.

Here is a list of typical Spring Clean Up tasks and the estimated time you can plan on each one taking.  Don’t be overwhelmed!  Spring is three months long so you goal is to strategize with the calendar to find natural pockets of time when you can tackle your Must Do List and still enjoy your busy weekends.

Outside Tasks
1. Garage: empty, sweep, powerwash, restock and you are ready for your next garage sale = 8 hrs
2. Powerwash Outdoor Areas: deck, porch, outdoor furniture = 8 hrs
3. Clean Windows: inside and out including washing frames = 5 hrs
4. Garden: trim trees, bushes and lawn, weed all beds and treat both plants and lawn for any disease, mulch = 8 hours x 4 days = 36 hrs

Inside Tasks
1. Closets: edit clothing/accessories from past season, dust shelves, vacuum carpet, rotate in current season, donate/sell items not needed = 4 hrs per closet
2. Drapes/Blinds: clean windows need lovely coverings so wipe, dust, or vacuum them all = 2 hrs
3. Appliances/Mechanicals: clean refrigerator, vacuum coils, vacuum dryer vent, schedule air conditioner service ahead of warmer weather = 4 hrs
4. Furniture: vacuum and flip mattresses, remove cushions and move furniture to vacuum = 6 hrs

Yes, being well organized does take time.  But if you commit to using a seasonal organization schedule and spreading out those tasks tso you can stay on top of your list, you’ll find you naturally settle into leading a life generally well organized and exceptionally well lived.  So tell me….how do you plan for a spring clean up in your home?


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