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How to Organize Your Pantry with Lazy Susans

How to Organize Your Pantry with Lazy Susans |

Today we are talking about how to use Lazy Susans in your pantry. I’ve had the same size pantry for 17 years. Purely a coincidence the house I lived in for seven years before this one happens to have the exact same pantry design as the home I currently have lived in for ten. Actually you’ll see that my pantry is not outfitted with a custom organization solution and it has a hard right angle in the back. I finally figured out that Lazy Susans are the way to maximize that corner ~ and no, I don’t know what it took me so long to figure this out!

So here are the five ways Lazy Susans have transformed my pantry from top to bottom. Its made huge difference in how we are using the space and my kids and husband alike have said its the bomb. So I think it will have a positive impact on keeping this space tidy for the long haul ~ check it out!

Paper Goods Lazy Susan

I went ahead and put all of our paper goods on an 18″ Lazy Susan and the digging for it all is gone. It holds paper plates, paper napkins, plastic cutlery, and solo cups making it easy for everyone to grab and go.

Breakfast Foods Lazy Susan

This holds all our most frequently used breakfast items making it easy for anyone to get what they need. Think protein powders, oatmeal, honey, peanut butter, jelly, and more.

Snack Foods Lazy Susan

I don’t know about your family but mine is all about snacking. So to stop the madness of containers getting placed randomly on each and every shelf, the Lazy Susan has put them all in one place. They will find protein bars, graham crackers, nuts, and anything else we might have in that same category.

Baking Supplies Lazy Susan

This might be my favorite addition! I chose a two tiered lazy susan to place all of our baking supplies. Our daughter is a big baker and this makes it super easy for her to see all of her baking decorations, colorful muffin tins, and find the confectioners sugar for homemade frosting ~ something she is fabulous at making!

Adult Beverage Lazy Susan

We keep minimal alcohol in the house for when we entertain which makes it a not used very often item. Therefore its always been stored on the top shelf of the pantry. Having the 18′ Lazy Susan makes it so easy to find the one thing you need and because those bottles can be heavy it makes it much easier to navigate getting them down because you don’t have to move anything out of the way.

And look at the final product!

How to Organize Your Pantry with Lazy Susans |

Its made such a huge difference and I love it! Everytime I open the pantry door I think “Oh look how organized!” And I’m finding that my family isn’t leaving things out and actually putting them back where they are intended to go. And that was the entire point in the first place!

So tell me…

How do you use Lazy Susans in your pantry?

Where else in your home do you use a Lazy Susan?

I’m finding that they are the bomb! One of the most old fashioned organizing tools there is and look at the magic it worked on my pantry corner!

Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!

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