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How to Organize Your Medicine Cabinet

How to Organize Your Medicine Cabinet |

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When is the last time you took a good look at your medicine cabinet? Often in your bathroom, the medicine cabinet is easily overlooked and when you consider how important the contents of this space can be, that’s simply not okay.  This year the flu has settled in for a long haul throughout the entire country, making busy Moms focused about how to keep their families safe.  The familiar media messaging is encouraging us to stay home when ill and to get your flu shot even now because the season actually lasts as long as May. If you support vaccines, you know this will help but even if you don’t get the flu, there may be a cold or virus that will hit your house and its up to you to be ready when it does.  Even the best laid plans can end up in Plan B. So let me show you how I handle keeping my medicine cabinet organized and ready to go.  Its time to open the door and take charge ~ take a look at my tips for an organized medicine cabinet

Check Expiration Dates

Pull everything out of the medicine cabinet and make sure to remove anything with an expiration date that has passed. This is your number one priority because having outdated medicine can put you and your family at risk.

Sort Medicine by Categories

With the contents of your medicine cabinet spread out before you, sort them into two groups  ~ one for kids, and label it as such, and another for adults.  They are drastically two different kinds of medicine that you might use and you are going to handle how people are sick in different ways depending on their age.  Separate them and put items in bins that are easily labeled and retrievable  so you are ready to go at all times.

Stock up on the Comforts

No matter what time of year I keep a supply of GingerAle, waters, soup, crackers, and we all take our Vitamin C.  You’ll also want to keep your humidifiers ready which means keeping them clean and having a box of fresh filters.

So if you tackle your medicine cabinet by checking expiration dates, separate medicine by adults and kids, and keeping your shelves stocked with the necessary comforts, it won’t matter if your family members fall ill in the middle of the night or comes home from school in the middle of the day, you are going to have what you need.  Now there are a whole host things that you might want to consider such as having more than one thermometer, more than one bucket in case people are throwing up, the right kind of medicine to calm an upset GI or an upset tummy.

You know what your family likes to use and what brands you are loyal too.  The key is organizing your supplies so you can get them while you are wide awake or stumbling to help someone in the middle of the night.  I hope that these tips help you better organize your medicine cabinet this flu season…and I hope that the flu doesn’t hit you.  Please tell me ~

How do you keep your medicine cabinet organized and ready to go?

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