How to Organize your Cargo in a 2012 Honda CRV

Keeping a secret is HARD!  A few weeks ago I was blessed with the amazing opportunity to attend the 2012 Honda CR-V Ride and Drive Event hosted by American Honda Corporation in Carlsbad California. The goal of the event was to introduce the highly anticipated, all-new Honda CR-V. If you love cars and are looking for a smaller SUV, chances are the CR-V is on top of your list thanks to its new styling, higher fuel economy, more innovative technology and even better value than ever before. In fact its been the top selling SUV for years and after spending a weekend learning about it and driving through the picturesque hills of Carlsbad, I can totally see why.

Earlier this year, I had my first opportunity to interact with Honda as my road trip sponsor for The Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. We loved every bit of the Honda Odyssey and I’ll be honest, I had a very hard time giving it back. I love my 2006 Durango, but at nearly 100K miles, almost 6 years old, and getting 10 miles to the gallon, its a budget buster in the worst kind of way. I’ve always had a love affair with Honda’s. My parents had a 4 door Accord that eventually became mine and my husband drove the classic and oh so sporty Prelude when we met.  Between that and the Raybans sunglasses, I was sunk.  My minivan days were plagued with Odyssey lust but it was always outside our price range.  Today, my husband drives an Accord LX and as we look to the future and helping our son save for his first car, you can bet we are focused on Honda as a brand that will meet our goals.

Our trip out to Carlsbad was quick but I was blown away with the beauty and hospitality of the  AAA 5 Diamond Park Hyatt Aviara Resort. It was the perfect setting to keep things relaxed and we started with an opening reception giving us an opportunity to literally crawl around the new vehicle. We got to experience the functionality and technology highlights of the CR-V while visiting with fellow influencers and American Honda Corporation team members alike. It was like shopping for a car but without any of the pressure. Think of every sales person being happy to see you and not worried if you buy while offering you and your friends a cocktail and dinner too. Magic!

I have LOTS of good info to share with you about the event and I’m sure you won’t be surprised to see me start with my top pick ~ Organized Cargo. It also happens to be in chronological order, so don’t give me too much credit! At the opening night vehicle crawl-around, much to my delight we had an impromptu Organized Cargo Challenge! While one of the product planners was giving a tutorial about the cargo area, before we knew it Linsday Maines, Jodi Grundig, and Tricia Callahan were on it, trying to see how much cargo they could fit in the back of the CRV. Watch how we do!

That dropped cargo floor is off the hook cool! Totally makes sense that the 2012 CR-V has locked up best in class cargo area. I have longed for that feature in my Durango and thought it was left only for life in a minivan. SUV cargo areas can be surprisingly inefficient if you need to use your vehicles complete seating capacity. This simple innovation is just another example of Honda’s engineering genius that makes sure it delivers on its promise to meet every need you have.

Look for more posts soon highlighting safety, cool features, my Ride and Drive with Jodi Grundig, and my take on what family means to American Honda Corporation. Are you in the market for a new Honda this holiday season? What model are you looking at?

Disclosure:   Travel, accommodations, and related expenses were provided to facilitate my trip.  I was not compensated for nor required to share my post and all opinions are entirely my own.  I’m a fan all on my own…how can I not share?

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    For all those who desires high-class of luxury and comfort with their crossover SUV model they want to own at a reasonable pricing, the new upcoming CR-V would make an excellent choice, in my opinion.

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