How to Organize Shoes {Fix it Friday}

How to Organize Shoes {Fix it Friday}

Today’s Fix it Friday is all about how to organize your shoes. Whether you have them in your closet, your mudroom, all over the foyer, or out in the garage, shoes are a common organizational challenge for most busy families. Recently I discovered the power of the shoe cube and its made a huge difference for me in how I organized my own shoes so I thought I’d share it with you.

What I love about this is that I have 25 openings to hold 25 pairs of shoes. That’s a TON of shoes contained in a very small space and that works for me. The number of pairs of shoes this unit can hold will depend on the size shoes you want to store. If you have 2 huge athletic shoes, you’ll probably need 2 spaces to hold them but for most of your everyday shoes and for most kids shoes ~ HELLO! ~ this is a wonderful tool because it makes it super obvious where to put things ~ a place for everything and everything in it’s place.

So if you are buried in shoes in any place in your house, check out a shoe storage system like this. Fabulous and easily found in any big box retailer, its simple to put together so its a perfect Fix it Friday. And just like that, your shoes are finally contained. Tell me…

How do you organize shoes?

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