How to Organize Now for a Better Holiday Next Year

I’m wrapping up my holidays! Yes, literally as we wrap presents tonight with the kids, but figuratively too because the reality is, my holidays are over before they begin. I’ve finished my Holiday Checklist and I’m already thinking about next year and what I can do to continue to save both time and money freeing me to enjoy the true meaning of our season.

Sharing a video from December 2010 that is all about taking inventory of what worked and did not and then how to carry forward your success to next year. I was learning not only how to vlog but also, to get my point across in under 6 minutes too. Long on words but definitely NOT short on content ~ enjoy!

As you can tell its the holiday season and no matter what holiday your family might celebrate this winter, I hope its joyous, peaceful, and full of love for your friends and family. For me, we happen to celebrate Christmas and with it being just a few days away, the excitement is border line insane. What’s interesting is it gives me pause to think about all the chaos, fun and excitement that has led us here. While you have plenty to be thankful of, grateful for, and feeling blessed, the holidays can be a hard time too. Because of that added workload you can feel less than blessed, less than happy, and less than cheerful.

Here are my tips to help you better organize your holidays for next year right now:

1.  Make a list of what worked well and what was a total fail. Earlier this holiday season I encouraged you to make a Holiday Go Box. In that box you had weekly folders to help you track expenses, a Christmas folder if that’s your holiday, a thanksgiving folder. The point of the box was to help you really organized about the additional things you are doing at this time of year so you can track how they impact you not only in their expense but also in their time.

2. Grab a file folder now. Place Christmas lists inside (also a great way to save them as a keepsake), put the Christmas card you sent, put receipts in there. Then make a list. Did you keep a budget? Did you keep track of what the holiday cards cards you along with stamps? Did you keep track of teacher gifts, not only the item but also the expense? Did it work or not? DO you need to entertain earlier in the season? Did you do any entertaining and you regret that?

Make a list of all these things and what worked and what didn’t. For me, I actually had a fail on cards. Ordered before Thanksgiving there was a problem with them and I had to wait for them to come back. It was corrected but they got back late so next year I want to do them even earlier than I usually do. Teacher gifts ~ this year I was very practical with gift cards tot eh office supply store. But between my kids in 2 different schools and upper level grades its 19 people to thank somehow someway.

3.  Use our 2012 DIY GO MOM! Planner. But no matter what calendar you use, after you go through and make a success/do differently list, after you go through and track your money spent, open up your planner for 2012 and start to make notes in October and November about these things. If you go ahead and purchase holiday cards, wrapping paper, anything for home made gifts, make notes in your planner about that so you can have that tickler that reminds you that you’ve already got it.

You’ve got a great opportunity to make your holiday next year amazing, right here now! Make the most of your break and hire a babysitter to spend an afternoon to plan for your best New Year yet! Tell me ~ what do you plan to change for your holidays in 2012?

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