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How to Organize Newspapers

Welcome to Willow House Wednesday! Every week I bring you a fresh twist on how to use home decor to organize with style. This week my pick is the Entertaining Bucket because it can hold so much of so many different things, and this weeks its all about how to keep newspapers organized. I recently cancelled the newspaper because I was sick and tired of it being littered all over my kitchen from the table to the island, shoved on a shelf yet never put away neatly for the next ready. While living without the paper, I realized my children and husband missed it more than I had expected they might and so did I. Here is why:

1. Reading the newspaper online contributes to children’s overall media usage time. Its a big challenge in today’s world to raise kids with 2 hours of media a day or less and suggesting to read the newspaper online takes away time they might choose to spend using media as entertainment, gaming or otherwise.
2. I missed my coupons. Talk about a time management 101, there’s nothing like getting the coupons on your doorstep to encourage you to follow through to both clip and use your coupons as often as you can.
3. We all enjoy daily current events. The newspaper helps me filter the graphic nature of some current events you might see through video on broadcast or online media. Having access to daily updates about world events in a less graphic format is good for everyone.

So yes, I’ve reinstated the newspaper but not without finding the perfect storage solution to prevent my organized self from losing my patience ahead of recognizing the value of the daily read.  Three reasons why the Entertainment Bucket works for organizing newspapers:

  • Its just the right size to sit the newspaper inside and its almost invisible from your view.
  • Its just the right width and depth to handle one week’s worth of papers which is the amount of time between recycling pickups.
  • Its just the right decor and shape to sit nicely in our family room, right next to the big chair and ottoman where we all like to have our turn reading anyway.



By having my Entertainment Bucket I’ve made peace with the newspaper because now, its not in even in the kitchen, its nicely tucked away between readings, it can accommodate the daily paper letting me read the paper when I have a minute, even if its tomorrow, and we are all happy have the paper back in our home. And if you are looking for bonus points, it will be perfect for handing out Halloween Candy this weekend ~ love it!

How do you organize your newspapers at home?

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