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How to Organize Holiday Travel, Gifts, and Cards

Just a few days before Christmas Break and the forecast for the east coast and major airports involves tons of snow! For busy Moms who are traveling with kids this could be a nightmare so now is a great time to share tips about travel and gifts. Accept that with just a few days left, certain shortcuts may cost you money but are well worth your time if they give the much needed peace of mind. Also, if your cards aren’t done, switch to New Years themed cards ~ everyone will love starting the first day of the New Year with you in their mail box.

Sharing a video from November 2009 that is full of shortcuts for your holiday travel, gifts, and cards. I was learning not only how to vlog but also, to get my point across in under 6 minutes too. Long on words but definitely NOT short on content ~ enjoy!

Today we are talking about Schedule. Now that we are in the holiday season there are a few things I’d like you to be mindful of surrounding holiday travel, holiday cards, and holiday gifts.

1. Holiday Travel: You can find great resources here on our site and plenty of others about how to travel more efficiently with your family. My biggest concern for you is that you do some research ahead of time to find average wait times might be at the different airports you are traveling through so you have what you need to stay busy. Also you want to research what it will cost you to send extra baggage. The less you send, the less expensive your trip might be.

Lighten your travel load and send things ahead. When I travel for the holidays, my top three things are making sure we have the right outfits for everything we might do while we are there, that my kids have at least one nice outfit that is picture worthy, and also scoping out things ahead of time for special gifts. So lay out your clothes ahead of time and get what you need and send it ahead of you.

2. Holiday Cards. Don’t tell me you can’t get them done. Its as simple as a pen and your planner. All you need to do is block the time. Yes you have to get the cards. Yes if you want you can send a picture or letter. There are lots of great ways to save time sending cards. I believe in the power of a personalized card with a hand written signature and hand addressed envelopes. I’m not affiliated with Hallmark but have recently learned that you can not only have them personalize your cards but you can also have them send them for you too!

I’ve had seasons when that would have been the perfect solution so if you are having a crazy year, get online now and make time to send those cards when it matters to you. You can always send New Year’s cards instead ~ its a great way to start of the New Year with the ones you love! We typically do our cards Thanksgiving weekend as a family project, everyone involved in stamping, sealing, signing, and addressing. Its one way we kick off the holiday season together the five of us as a family effort. But being flexible is the key.

3. Gifts. Gifts can tip your holiday budget by trying to putting them on the plane. The better thing to do is send them ahead. You can save yourself time and money by purchasing your gifts online with retailers who will not only send the gift but warp them. If the shipping is free and you can get a great deal, you can do the same for gifts that will come from home. Go for it!

Travel, cards, gifts ~ these are the biggest holiday hotspots that make your schedule crazy. Ye you have more to do for the usual making dinner, helping with homework, deadlines at work, getting the laundry done (which never really happens) My last tip for you is to carve out time for yourself. If you need help, if you can’t find time away from your family to shop for gifts, hire a sitter, swap babysitting time with a friend, tag team with your spouse, whatever it takes so you can block time and tackle tasks those tasks.

I’m here to show you how you can take yourself in and out of things by taking care of things and being engaged in them too, creating the kind of holiday you hope to have. I hope these tips help you enjoy the holidays and you are reminded to take time with your spouse and your friends, grab of coffee and soak in the people who make them special for you.

How do you plan ahead to juggle travel, cards, and gifts in your already busy schedule?

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