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How to Organize Holiday Cards | gomominc.com

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Just because its early November doesn’t mean its too early to talk all things holiday cards. Lets be honest ~ they can be a huge source of stress if you don’t get on it early and get them done.  In our house we celebrate Christmas and sending those cards can be a huge time drain if I don’t take this task off my to-do list by December 1st ~ there’s simply too much going on!  But honestly, they are so truly worth the effort because they make us stop and remember the people in our lives that we love so much. How can that not be worth a little time and effort?  So never fear,  I have a few ideas to not only help you make sure that you get those holiday cards out on time, but that you enjoy sending them as much as you enjoy receiving them. Check it out!

Gather Your Holiday Card Supplies

The best way to accomplish any project is to have a plan.  So grab a copy of our GO MOM!® DIY Holiday Bundle and get started.  Because most every holiday card I receive anymore involves a photo, if you don’t have one you love from the past year, plan time on your calendar for taking that photo. Don’t overlook deciding on and possibly purchasing outfits to wear, no matter if its a professional photographer or not.  You’ll also want to plan to have your supplies ready when its actually time to write those cards such as the the actual card itself, return address stamps if not preprinted on the envelope flap, the correct color pens, and stamps.

Block Time for Signing Those Holiday Cards

Allow time to include your personal signature and perhaps even a note. This makes all the difference and the art of the handwritten note is surely alive and well. It can be one of the most precious gifts you actually give this season.

Save Time with Pre-Printed Holiday Cards

Allow time to get your cards printed. No matter which picture source you choose, so many available online its a breeze, you still need to give yourself enough time to submit that photo card online to the source where it will be made and then they have enough time to print and forward them to you and then you will receive them in time for the block you’ve scheduled on your planner to assemble and send your cards.  So here is a great example. I like to have my cards ready to go Thanksgiving weekend which means I need to have my card done 2 weeks before that date to give the card maker enough time to produce and ship them so my box is waiting for me over the holiday weekend to tackle with plenty of time.

Its all about backing yourself up on the calendar with those kinds of things. If you do this, holiday cards will be a breeze ~ its just one of those holiday tasks better tackled earlier vs. later. Why? When your calendar is packed with holiday must attends like the holiday play, an activity at church, volunteering, and neighborhood parties, the last thing you will have is 2 or 3 hours to sit down and sign cards. So what will you do? Skip it. But don’t skip it!  Its as simple as this ~ map it out, choose the outfits, take the picture, design and order the card online, they’ll be perfect when they arrive but if there’s a hitch you’ll have enough time to adjust, then pick a time to assemble them as a family when everyone has role from sealing, stamping, addressing, and you have the role of signing them with a special note.  I hope these tips help you Outsmart the Holiday Chaos when it comes to cards and I’d love to know…

What kinds of things do you do to keep traditions alive and well around holiday cards?

For your very own Holiday Cards Worksheet and more, check out our GO MOM! DIY Holiday Bundle With 12 worksheets to get you started, you can’t help but enjoy all the holidays have in store.  And be sure to check out our Holidays 101 Pinterest Board ~ its full of ideas to keep the crazy in check and help you get and stay organized so you can actually enjoy the season at hand. Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!

Happy Holidays!


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