Senior Year Tips ~ How to Organize College Information


Senior Year Tips ~ How to Organize College Information |

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Today we are talking about how to organize college information. If you are the parent of a high school junior or senior, you are in the midst of the hunt for where your child is going to go to college. There are so many aspects of this search beginning with prepping for and taking the ACT and SATs, taking college tours, and then the application process and making that final decision. Because I see the world with a binder in every hand, when I considered how to organize college information, it all began with a binder. Here are my tips for how to organize college information one step at a time.

So those are my tips! When you take each tour I hope you’ll get a wonderful overview of what campus life might be like there. When they separate the kids and parents for special sessions, you’ll be sure to see amazing videos that I promise will make you cry. I think every parent who has gone through or is going through this process that your child will know when a school feels like home. We’ve already visited a few campuses, and it was really clear even one I thought for sure my son would love, and he was just luke warm about it. So you’ve got to help them know that when they get there, they will know if its right place for them and if it falls short of their impressions, that’s totally okay.

We are going to turn the corner on the application process this summer and I’d love to know if you are the parent of a high school junior or senior…

How are you organizing college information as you get your child ready for college?

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  1. Amy from Resourceful Mommy06-09-13

    I still remember my parents’ dining room turning into college application central, folders and paperwork and even VHS TAPES!!! spread out in piles across the table and buffet. We could have used you!

    • admin06-10-13

      Amy what a blessing for you, even in its organized mess =) College prep is is overwhelming even for those more organized so I am doing my best to keep the chaos to a minimum =) Thanks for commenting!

  2. Amy Martin10-23-13

    Have you heard of BOLD Guidance? I think it just launched recently but it’s a digital platform that organizes all application deadlines and requirements for the parent and student. Think it is! Hope that helps some:)

    • admin10-30-13

      Thanks for sharing Amy!

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