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How to Organize a Playroom

How to Organize a Playroom

There is nothing like a winter that never ends to give you good look at how to organize a playroom.  No matter if you have an actual room or area in your home where your kids most often play, after too much time stuck indoors it can affectionately be renamed the bomb. Sure its all about creative expression and free play but often it becomes creative explosion and license not to clean up.  Maybe its the rec room, the family room, or maybe its a very public space.  Plenty of us have years with the dining room as a playroom with a cute little kitchen and a fire truck not far away.  But as your children grow your needs will change and today its all about refreshing the playroom.

In my home, we are currently in the process of converting this beloved space into a tween/teen media room and we are all excited for the change.  Pictured above, it has been the same for eight years and definitely doesn’t fit where our kids are today.  Because of that, its not as often thought of as a place to hang out and thats the exact opposite of what we had hoped for in the first place.  Let’s be honest, we only notice how poorly a space is being utilized when we need it the most.  For us, it’s winter.  Home and inside more than any other season, this year we decided it was time to make the change.  We’ve already cleared out the clutter and have taken a good hard look at the space and current furnishings to see how we can repurpose what was there and where we might need to make changes or add some key things.  I’m excited to share future posts with you about that process but for now, if like me you are looking for a way to tame the toys or make the most of the space you have for your kids to hang out and play as they grow, check out my tips below:

Think Multipurpose

You’ve got mulit media from the TV and the gaming system to pictures of your kids that not only personalize the space but makes sure you enjoy them as they grow.  Choosing storage solutions that give you a variety of display options is insurance that your space can be as flexible as you need based on the ages and stages of your kids.

Think Storage

Think about games and toys.  No question those your children love most definitely change over time.  You want to give yourself options about what to keep and baskets offer you a wide open space to fill it as they grow.  You’ll find the size and number of pieces of each item changes with every year and while you don’t want a bottomless pit, you do want storage that can accommodate some of the larger items your children love most.

Think Decor

Because the play room won’t always be for young children, don’t forget to consider the long term decor of the room.  Go for the wall unit enabling you to spread things vertically and up off the floor, neatly tucked inside the space it was designed for.   This way when you are in the space, you can add seating which softens the room while not impacting the need to spread out and play.

No matter where you are in your process, just getting started or transitioning into the next stage like we are, if you keep in mind my tips while you are looking to organize your playroom and family space any time of year, you’ll be delighted with the result.   can’t wait to share more about the choices we are making for our tween/teen media room.  Its an exciting process and because we started with a great system years ago, has become more about adding some soft goods and decor items than anything else and you know I love some fun decor!  Tell me…

How do you organize toys, games, books, and more in your playroom?  Do you have a designated space?

If you are looking for suggestions for wonderful storage solutions, take a peek at this video featuring ORG Home products. Filmed while onsite with The Stow Company at Anissa Mayhew’s home for The Organized Give, it is not part of our work onsite but the unit begged to be shared and I think its a perfect solution for a playroom or more.

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