Back to School ~ Yard Sale Tips

Back to School Yard Sale Tips

When is the last time you held a yard sale?  While it’s probably not the first thing on your back to school checklist, the reality is August is a fantastic time to have a “back to school!” themed yard sale.  If you are following along here at GO MOM! you know that late July and early August are all about organizing key spaces to get ready for the new school year.  And because the excitement about summer activities might be waning as the heat sets in, tackling a family project like preparing for and hosting a back to school yard sale can be a great activity where everyone wins.  Check out my tips to get your planning your yard sale now!

Dedicate specific yard sale sections.

Think specifics like kids clothing, sports gear, unused school supplies, and spirit wear. Everyone loves a deal on gently or never worn clothes or gear from a source they can trust. Display and tag items by size to make them easily identifiable and know that spirit wear will never lose its interest as long as your schools stay the same.

Schedule your yard sale early.

When it’s too hot to be outside, it’s the perfect time to plan that yard sale.  Make the most of all that back to school retail advertising by picking a date well before the first day of school but not so early that no one has back to school on their minds. To give yourself maximum time to get organized and promote the sale, consider hosting it anytime between 4 and 2 weeks before the first day of school.

Have a group back to school yard sale.

A successful yard sale depends on a healthy mix of interesting, quality items. Enlist your neighbors or fellow school friends to join in and for extra credit consider donating a portion or all of the proceeds to your schools’ PTA

Include your kids in the yard sale.

Always motivated by what’s in it for them, profit share with your kids on all items they sell that belong to them. It will motivate them to be clear out more than less thanks to the prospect of a piggy bank too full to stuff another penny.

Price yard sale items aggressively.

Savvy yard sale shoppers are growing by leaps and bounds. Save yourself the trouble of haggling price and simply use the Goodwill Tax Valuation Guide

Pay it forward throughout your yard sale.

Everyone loves to get something for nothing so make the most of penny and quarter school supply sales now to stock up on items you can give with every transaction. Think notebook paper, erasers, pencils and more. All in keeping with your back to school theme, it will make everyone love your sale and happy to return when have another one in the spring!

If you follow these tips you are sure to have a fantastic back to school themed yard sale. But remember, no matter what time of year you are ready to clear out the clutter, hosting a yard is a great goal to keep you on track to finish the decluttering process and with a real time goal to enjoy the fruits of that hard labor. For now, tell me…
When do you like to host a yard sale…in the fall, in the spring?

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