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How to Organize Your Garage | gomominc.com

Today we are talking about how to organize a garage as you spring clean your home. You know, the bomb zone? I want to show you the 5 areas that have made the biggest difference in how we keep our garage generally well organized and focused on spending most of our time doing what we love. Keep in mind that while I do have a customized garage system that was installed in my home 7 years ago, you can do this with hooks and shelves and you’ll see some of the products I’ve added in regardless of having my walls covered with an organizing system. Here are my suggestions for how to organize a garage using five key zones:

How to Organize Recycling

Located right outside the door, when you consider how to organize a garage this is a key area to focus on because essentially, its contained trash. We used a simple Monkey Rack and combined gear for the dogs, plastic and paper bags, reusable bags, car cleaning items, recycling bins, and a miscellaneous selection of frequent use items like bird seed and bug spray. Keep brooms within arms reach is the key to this group of items. Placing each just outside the door makes it easy to simply open the door and drop items in or easily grab supplies that you need.

How to Organize Shoes

I can’t stand when my kids are running through the house with dirty shoes.  When you map out how to organize a garage, make sure to offer a shoe storage location not only grab your shoes when you run out the door but also a place that is easily identifiable to place them before you return inside the house. We got a well loved bench to store work boots and rain boots that can be easily pulled out for seating if needed. And finally keep umbrellas, sunscreen and bug spray nearby.

How to Organize Above the Fridge

Use the top surface of the fridge for often used items like small water jugs your athletes will need, extra BOGOS that won’t fit into the fridge like Gatorade, and finally any kind of bag, cooler, beach stuff and more on the shelves up high. I can see it, I know what’s in it, and seasonally I’ll get down what I do need and rotate up what can be put away until next season.  Leveraging this place in your goals for how to organize a garage is simply smart planning.

How to Organize Things with Wheels

Rollerblades, pads, scooters, and anything that might need to be opened up. No parent I know can say they appreciate those shin scars you get from opening up a scooter ~ they really smart! Having a dedicated area to open these awkward toys up protects both your shins AND your car. Notice we also our gardening bag right here. My daughter and I love to garden together so keeping all of our tools and gloves in a spot where we are naturally getting organized is another great example of personalization when planning how to organize a garage.

How to Organize Chairs

Notice how we went vertical with this. The reason why this is towards the end of the garage, just like the toys, is that these are the kinds of things we need last minute that we might throw into the trunk of my car. Perhaps one of the greatest indicators of why you need to think about how your family moves through this space every day, when you map out how to organize a garage, it makes all the sense in the world being placed here because they are easy to load in and just as easy to put back when you come home.

So these are the five zones that I’ve used to better organize our garage over the years. They can change over time based on the different things that your family might need. Today I want you to think about recycling, shoes, extra supplies, chairs, and the kinds of toys that can get in your way and really do some damage to your car. And tell me…

What kind of zones do you use to organize your garage?

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Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!

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  • SMARTBOX April 1, 2013, 12:00 pm

    The garage is one of those spaces that can just start to get out of hand so easily, and before you know it, it’s the “bomb zone,” as you described it. These are great areas to start and get things organized.

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