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How to Make an Easter Basket | gomominc.com

Every year I can’t wait to make an Easter basket for each of my kids!  Always a special time of year to me, I love the promise of new life the Spring naturally brings, adorning our yard with blooming flowers, bushes and trees.  After a cold winter, this reminder that we can forever and always begin again speaks to my soul in the most powerful way.  And because I love to entertain, Easter is also a very special holiday for me to gather our family in fellowship and share a wonderful Easter themed meal in a beautiful setting.  When our children were young, we lived near my siblings and their children so I would host our Easter feast and include an Easter Egg Hunt.  I always love to include flowers from the garden into the table decor.  And I’m all in for serving on nice china because why not?

So it just makes sense that when it comes to Easter baskets, I’d likely want to have a few traditions ~ I’m predictable like that.  So when it was the first Easter to celebrate with our first born, I made some key decisions that have guided our Easter basket creations every since.  Here are my four tips to send you on your way:

Use an Heirloom Easter Basket

During the year that each of our children were born, I bought an Easter Basket for each of them from a special custom basket maker and on the bottom of that basket you will find the year stamp of the same.  The kids have used these baskets every year as they’ve grown, surviving outdoor Easter Egg hunts big and small. They clean up just fine and are the perfect size to keep the gift giving in check and while offering more than enough storage for the candy they are sure to gather and enjoy.

Choose a Signature Gift

Every Easter morning, our kids find their Easter baskets full of a few precious treasures. A customary chocolate bunny, a religious item like a cross or special faith based book, an Easter card from my husband and myself, and a special furry friend.  From lambs to bunnies, chicks and more, its a sweet tradition they have come to enjoy.  The key is finding a stuffed animal small enough not to overpower the basket. As the boys have outgrown the stuffed animals, we’ve replace that gift with something small that gives a nod to their favorite sport. Because they both play spring sports, this just seemed to make sense.

Include Bunny Exclusive Eggs

I have a special collection of eggs that are only for use by the Easter Bunny. Each year I make sure that I use this special collection of eggs in our backyard Easer Egg Hunt to keep the kids guessing.  If in our neighborhood egg hunt or somewhere else I see this pattern, I go out and get a fresh set so that my daughter doesn’t put two and two together that the Easter eggs she sees on Easter morning or from anywhere other than the Easter Bunny.

Choose Favorite Candies

I love picking my kids favorite candies to stuff the eggs.  I make sure to not mix favorites so that when they are done with their egg hunt, they can trade to their hearts content.  Its always fun to watch this unfold and I make sure that in the end, no matter how the eggs are found, after trading they will all end up with the same amount of candy.

Its easy to get trapped into the commercialism that seems to taint most any holiday these days. Because the reason we celebrate Easter is our Christian faith, we work heard to make sure that Easter basket traditions don’t overshadow the true reason for our observance of such a holy day.  I hope these tips help you to build a better easter basket this year.  Tell me…

What are your family’s must have items in your Easter baskets every year?

We’ve got a wonderful Easter Pinterest Board full of all kinds of ideas for clever Easter baskets, table decor and so much more.  Stop by and let us know what your favorite pins are!  No matter what Spring holiday you may observe, wishing you and your family a blessed season indeed.  Thanks for stopping by!


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