How to Make a Team Mom Tote Bag

No matter if you are a team mom or a busy sports mom always on the go, its time to get that team mom tote bag organized so you have what you need no matter where you are. Designed to stay in the back of your car and go in and out with a moment’s notice with everything you need. I’ve had a few years to collect a few ideas both of my own and from some very seasoned sports Moms that I think you’ll find very helpful as you navigate the busiest part of your family’s spring sports season.

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It is time to get that team mom tote bag organized so you have what you need no matter where you are.

Pick the Perfect Team Mom Tote Bag

I love the one I show in the video because they have come down in price, and are now widely available at big box retailers at just $5. I picked stripes so it is easily identified, padded handles so anyone can carry it, and the awesome open top so you can easily get things in and out for everyone in your crew. Tip: Amazon has a variety of tote baskets for sale.

I’ve got some great tips for team moms about how to make sure the entire team can benefit from a wonderful season of beautiful pictures and great video.

Pack your Team Mom Tote Bag With a Purpose

a. Always carry sunscreen:  Check the expiration dates to make sure you have a fresh supply, include sunscreen for the face that is different than that used on the rest of the body and consider using a sports formula that won’t wear off while your family is sweating.

b. Carry bug spray and bug bite solutions at all times: Its one thing to use a spray to prevent mosquito bites and entirely another to be dealing with a swollen red ant bug bite. Have necessary items to clean and cover the wound and hopefully take down the swelling and pain. Tip: Notice that I put all of the bottles in sealable bags in case of spills.

c. Create a sanitizing bag: If you spend enough time at sports fields, you’ll find way too many don’t include permanent facilities. This bag is key both to use in the less than clean restroom and to use after the fact. You’ll never regret having more than enough wipes, hand sanitizer, and mini-lysol spray.

d. First Aid Kit: Speaks for itself…just make sure to freshen it up at the beginning of every sports season, not just once a year.

e. Medicine on the Go: Include key medicines like aspirin, Motrin, items for upset stomachs or lower GI upsets. I actually have this bag that I include in my purse all year round so its a snap to just transfer it back and forth as needed.

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Be ready for the Weather

This is where you make sure to always have a compact umbrella for those storms that take you by surprise. As well, include a durable lightweight but warm blanket that you can both snuggle up in if its chilly or spread out on the ground for everyone to relax.

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Team Mom Supplies

If you are that very awesome person who has volunteered your time, I have a few favorites everyone will love. The Coaches’ Clipboard is genius because not only does it give you a clip in case people need a flat surface but it also opens up to let you fill it with supplies you never know when you’ll need. A short list of my favorites include: Post it Notes, permanent marker, masking tape, pens, paper, envelopes incase you need to collect money, game and snack schedules and more. You as a team parent have so much responsibility to get people to communicate and serve in the snack shack, its all about making it happen without a hitch.

If the life of a team mom is where you are or where you’ll someday be, we’d love for you to stop by our Team Mom Tips Pinterest Board for our favorite finds from around the web.

Creating a team mom tote bag makes it possible for anyone to find what they need. After all that’s what you are trying to do ~ have what people need handy, but not always be the one to give it to them And just for extra credit ~ don’t forget to throw in plenty of snacks. Tip: Here are some of my favorite team mom snack ideas.

I hope these tips help you as you take your family out into the wonderful world of youth sports and I’d love to know…

How do you set up your team mom tote bag each season?

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Thanks so much for stopping by to talk sports and team mom tips ~ see you next time!


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  • Jenni Brown March 25, 2015, 8:35 pm

    Do you have any resources for dinner? Especially during softball season with two kids.

  • Melissa April 2, 2015, 10:20 am

    Where did you purchase the $5 bag?

  • Sue April 25, 2016, 11:21 am

    I’d like to know which store she got the basket at for $5!! I have searched in stores and online and can’t find one under $20!

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