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How to Make a Leap List for 2012

I don’t have a bucket list. I don’t want to live my life with the framework of things I want to do before I die. It just seems like that mindset totally tempts fate. My mother is 71 and she has a bucket list. She says that eventually life takes its payment and so she wants to make sure she ready when its due by pursuing her interests now. Her list includes world travel and later this year, she will be going to South Korea for 3 months. She’ll be on assignment (fist bump to the senior consultants out there) and my Dad is totally not interested in joining her in that part of the world. He has other interests and is happy to take his turn next.

Redirect to busy Moms.  My life is defined by my dreams with my husband as we raise our family and build our careers. We set goals and I live my life with those goals guiding my days and this is the basis for what we do at GO MOM!. Our Schedule. Organize. Grow. approach begs you to take inventory of your time as you make plans for projects, knowing that when you work with each, you will quickly find yourself focused on actually living your days instead of them controlling your life. Our sentiment of living a life generally well organized and exceptionally well loved invites you to remember that the big picture is where life is truly happening so get on with your responsibilities and get out there!

Which brings me to you.  Making New Year’s resolutions is a slippery slope because they aren’t often written as goals with concrete steps to take that will insure you reach them. Instead, they are often broad and with just a few stet backs can feel insurmountable. Things like organize my house (yes even that statement makes me nervous!) or lose 20 pounds ~ no strategy, steps, or deadlines, just a hopeful statement that you’ll make it happen.  So this year instead of making bucket list or New Year’s Resolutions that won’t stick without a plan, its time to make a Leap List.

Last year while attending a press event for American Honda Corporation, I was off the hook excited to learn about the Leap List because it is designed to help you focus on your dreams, be mindful of the milestones, and get out in front of any road blocks to take steps to make your goals a reality while living a lifestyle you truly love.  Check out Mike Accavatti, Senior VP, American Honda Corporation, explain How to Make a Leap List:

1.  Its all about choosing the next big milestone in your life. Whether its having kids, getting married, or buying a home, it works for us all.  If you are older, you are working on sending your kids to college, buying a vacation home at a bargain price, maybe you are retiring, or moving to southern california to start a new career with Honda ~ it happens.

2.  Choose 10 items that you really want to accomplish BEFORE you reach that milestone.  So it can be little things or big things. Every day things that don’t actually happen every day, like landscaping yard, the garage, taking all that junk in the garage to the recycling center, taking the dogs to get professionally groomed every once in awhile, or going on that trek to Mammoth.

3.  Then get social.  Sign onto Facebook to connect and there you can share and save your Leap List with your friends and family on your profile page and your news feed.  You can also rally your community to work on their own list and learn more about how they can live the lifestyle that truly fits their goals.

It’s just that simple.  My Leap List of things I want to do BEFORE my kids grow up is full of travel. But the wonderful thing about a Leap List concept is you can make as many as you want, each with its own focus.  Think about that “Organize My House” goal ~ what 10 things can you do to make that happen NOW?  What’s stopping you?


Disclosure: I attended the Honda CRV Ride and Drive Event in October 2011. My travel and accommodations were provided to facilitate my participation. I was not compensated for my time nor required to share about my experience. I was delighted to find nuggets of organized wisdom woven into the event and can’t help but share them with you now at the start of a New Year.  Make the most of your desire to grab 2012 and live it your way.  A Leap List is a great tool to get you started. Good Luck!

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  • Anonymous January 20, 2012, 6:43 pm

    a leep list is not a bucket list. Its a list you write before a mile stone in your life

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