How to Make a Dream Board

Have you ever heard of a Dream Board? Years ago as a Mom with little ones, my husband and I stayed home on New Year’s Eve. Looking for something special to do beyond making resolutions, I decided to try a Dream Board and have been hooked ever since. A simple concept based on the Laws of Attraction, a Dream Board is meant to reflect not just what you want but how you want to feel.  Once you create it, you hang it in a visible location in your home and it becomes a visual affirmation of your hopes and dreams as you work to make those come true.  Seriously ~ this can only be a good thing.

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New Year’s resolutions are a dime a dozen and when it comes to not just making them but seeing them through, it can be very hard to make real change stick.  Rather than lock myself into a list of things I may never do, my Dream Board its a truly personal vision of my life as I hope it will be.  A mix of images, phrases, mementos or really anything that speaks to my work and personal life, this wonderful crafting project reminds me to believe in the good that is surely to come as the New Year unfolds.  If you’ve never made a dream board before, its really quite simple. Check it out!

Dream Board Supplies

    • Stack of magazines that may have phrases or pictures of things that you aspire to bring into your life.
    • Special notes or mementos that bring you joy.
    • Pictures of people or places that you want in your life.
    • A board ~ this can be poster board, a corkboard, a framed wood board, a magnetic board ~ it’s up to you!
    • Scissors, glue sticks, push pins, magnets ~ whatever it takes to place things on the board.

Dream Board Assembly

  • Phrases or images that will bring to you things that you want. Are you pursuing financial clarity? Are you pursuing travel? Are you pursuing family time? Are you pursuing a new job? Or maybe you just want an organized house. Find phrases and images that reflect those things and include them on your board.

Hang your dream board somewhere where you will see it often. Maybe your closet or bedroom to set your mind on these things at the start and finish of every day. Maybe the entryway of your home that you pass through more times than you can count. I’m a huge fan of inspirational phrases as home decor so a Dream Board would serve the same purpose with a decorative twist

One of the best parts of making a Dream Board is how amazing it is to see how many of those things on that board might have come together next year at this same time. Not because the concept is magical. These things will come true because you gave yourself a visual playbook to make sure your dreams came true this year. If you ask me, that’s better than any New Year’s Resolution around.  I hope this helps you see just how easy it is for you to make a dream board. Tell me…

Have you ever made a Dream Board?

I’ve been doing this long enough that my friends will ask me for the link to this post knowing that I love my yearly Dream Boards and what they tell me about my hopes and dreams come true. I hope you give it a try this year and see what kinds of amazing things come to you too.

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    Great idea! I am going to try this.

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