How to Make a #DIY School Planner

How to Make a #DIY School Planner

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Today its time to talk about how to make a #DIY School Planner. August is the bomb for all things back to school and when it comes to that paperwork, its up to you, Mom, to give it a home. So here are my tips on how to make a DIY School Planner and be in charge of that paper before it buries you!

Use a Binder

I like a durable binder with a slick cover so you can decorate it as you choose.  Having your child add a favorite picture is a great way to engage them in the process and personalize it too.  I usually recommend a binder 1 to 1.5″ but not any bigger.  I also love Avery slash pocket tabs (no relationship) because they come in both 5 cut and 8 cut varieties which let you choose how much information you want to have and they are colorful and translucent making them easy to use too.

Use Tabs

Set up your binder with tabs labeled

  • Teacher
  • PTA
  • Tests
  • Room Mom
  • Activities.

Depending on what is happening in your child’s life, you may also have tabs for Resource if your child either has a learning disability or is gifted, College if you are in the zone with those teenagers, and then any other resource worksheets you might find helpful. It’s all about what works best for you.

Use GO MOM! Printables

Between our GO MOM! Back to School Printable Bundle, GO MOM! DIY Planner, and our FREE Printable for newsletter subscribers, we’ve got you covered for any kind of form or worksheet you may want to include.  Here are my favorites that I recommend you include.


This goes in the front of your binder ahead of any tab.  Back to school expenses go well beyond your child’s school supplies or clothing.  If you have a senior or someone in high school there are SO many other things like class ring, letterman’s jacket, senior pictures, parking pass, class dues, yearbook, sporting pass, club dues, graduation expenses, cap and gown, invitations, party, tickets….are you overwhelmed yet!  This worksheet will help you track it all from kindergarten to graduation, its so much more than just a backpack and some new clothes!


  • School Contacts~ all the basics for both the school and the teacher go here.
  • Memories ~ This worksheet is wonderful just in case you have special things that happen or that you have taken pictures of.
  • Monthly Calendar ~ you can insert the school and county generated calendars here or you can use your GO MOM! DIY Planner Calendar too.

Don’t forget to include all the important reference information for the PTA officers and committee chairs including any kinds of special announcements.  This is an area where you’ll  want to keep track of fundraisers ~ a necessary expense where your PTA truly needs your support both in membership and participation in the fundraisers.


Really this is the only thing you need to keep. While the artwork is awesome, its the tests that are the true story of how your child is doing is school.  These along with writing samples are your running record from year to year.


  • Organized Room Mom Worksheet
  • Organized Work just in case you need some help delegating.
  • Volunteers


  • Activities
  • Organized Team Mom
  • Sports

Back to School
If you take the time now to put together a DIY School Planner with a binder, folders, and key reference forms from our GO MOM!® Back to School Bundle, you’ll be amazed at how smoothly this school year will go. Make one DIY School Planner for each child and feel free to consolidate the information into other locations such as your family budget. Won’t you be glad you tracked those expenses all year long? Make sure your kids know that when they unload those backpacks, their personalized DIY School Planner is the destination where you’ll keep it all. Making a DIY School Planner is a very good thing so take time now at the start of the year to put it in place and I’d love to know…

What tool do you use to keep a running record of the current school year for each child?

We so hope you are enjoying our GO MOM!® Organizing Tips series and especially Back to School ~ its the cat’s meow!  Stop by our products page and check out our GO MOM!® DIY Planner ~ its your springboard for all kinds of great organizing tools personalized just for you.  Make sure to check out our Back to School Pinterest Board for all kinds ideas to help you every step of the way, not only from GO MOM!® but from around the web too! As always, thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!


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