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How to Keep Your Hotel Room Organized

I am a tidy roommate.  Ask my husband and he’ll tell you its not about crazy clean but its definitely about keeping things in order so we can keep up with our busy lives.  This means a place for everything and everything in its place.  When it comes to travel, I’m not much different.  I make my hotel bed in the morning, I place all my business materials at the desk, keep things inside my briefcase unless I use them, and yes, I completely unpack my suitcase right when I arrive.

This week I’m speaking at She Streams in New York and to keep costs manageable, I will have two awesome roommates in Amy Hodges and Erin Lane.   Both great friends from my home state, sharing a room with them guarantees I’ll get to spend time with them, something that is always a juggle when attending a conference.  It also means no shortage of laughter and fun and I can’t wait for what will surely be a great weekend.  But lets be real. Three women in one hotel room with one bathroom all needing to get ready at the same, look their best for a conference based on video and live media, spread our their stuff, charge and use all kinds of media, and two of us preparing to speak, in my case three times.  Um…can you say close quarters?

Sharing a hotel room is game on for knowing someone well and why being organized is simply good manners.  Here are my tips to help you keep your hotel room organized on your next social media conference.

1.  Unpack your suitcase. As soon as you check in to your hotel room, unpack your clothing and hang items in the closet.  When you know you’ll have roommates, be gracious and pack your clothes already on hangers and simply place them in the closet.  Hanging your clothes not only saves space but it also saves time, allowing your clothes to relax, minimizing wrinkles and the need to iron which takes both time and space when you’ll have little of each.

2.  Repack your suitcase.  After you empty your suitcase, including shoes and putting personal items away in drawers, place it inside the closet on the floor.   As you undress each day simply refold your items and repack your soiled clothing and shoes you won’t wear again as you go.  This is the easiest way to keep soiled and dirty items clean.   I also store Extra hand bags and empty toiletries kits on the shelf out of the way and as I use those, I repack them as well.  If you have limited floor space in the closet, store shoes on the shelf or use the luggage racks provided and place additional bags in the room out of the way.

3.  Keep the counter clean. If a guest in my home left items strewn all over the counters of a common bathroom in my home, I would think its rude.  When you share a hotel room, you need to always remember that its not just your bathroom.  So store your toiletries in their case, only laying them out when its your turn in front of the mirror and putting them away when its not.  You designate sides of the counter, utilize under sink space, whatever you need to make sure you each have the space you need to manage your personal items.

And finally, I’m just going to put it out there.  No matter what kind of trip you are on, vacation or business, its just not okay to leave your hotel room a bomb.  Its beneficial for you and quite honestly the person who cleans your room to keep things organized and save everyone time.  Think of it like this ~ staying in a hotel room isn’t any different than visiting someone’s home.  You would never trash a friend’s guest room and a hotel room really isn’t any different.  Take it one step further and remember that when you share a hotel room, keeping things organized is simply good manners.

Do you share a hotel room when you travel to social media conferences?  How do you manage the space?

Disclosure: Thanks to the Stow Company for providing partial sponsorship for my hotel accommodations at She Streams.  I was compensated for this post.  As always, my opinions are entirely my own.

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