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How to Juggle Holiday Guests and Kids Schedules

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As much as I love a house full of family and friends for the holidays, when it comes to holiday guests and kids schedules, its a delicate dance to keep everyone happy and my holiday activities on track.  With Thanksgiving week upon us, its all about the juggle. With kids out of school early and the added stimulation of holiday guests in the house as you continue to prepare for a wonderful family meal, just like when you get on the phone and suddenly everyone needs you, your kids will pick up on your focus and who knows how that will go.  Well, actually we can probably take best on it going south fast, but that really isn’t fair because we all would have the same answer so no one could actually win.  I digress!

When it comes to keeping my wild things content and calm, I always find if I just go back to the basics of keeping people well rested, well fed, and well occupied, things generally work out fine.  And ironically, even though my children are now well beyond the little people stage, these three basic needs remain just as important  today, and it doesn’t hurt if their parents get them too.  Check out my tips on Primrose Schools Dr. Z and Friends Blog about how to juggle holiday guest and kids schedules:

Its all boils down to being focused on a happy day.  Just because its a holiday doesn’t mean your schedule doesn’t matter.  Keep it in tact and your sure to have positive holiday for everyone involved.  Tell me…

How do you juggle your kids’ schedules and holiday guests?

When it comes to staying organized, the holidays are game on for busy Moms.  Check out ourDIY Holiday Bundle offering everything you need stay focused and have fun.  Thanks so much for spending time with us today ~ see you next time!


Disclosure: Thanks to Primrose Schools for engaging me to provide a monthly series on the Dr. Z and Friends Blog. I’m delighted to share tips focused on home organization and family time management with an eye towards families with working parents and children in childcare from birth to age 6.  My opinions are entirely my own.

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