How to Host a Party and Still Have Fun!

How to Host a Party

Festive Table at Christmas

Is it even possible to host a party and still have fun?  When the holidays get crazy and my schedule is too much, sometimes I find myself wondering but the answer is always a resounding YES!  And I don’t mean because you are drinking…but of course if you choose to that’s fine, in moderation, and if you aren’t driving.  One of my favorite phrases has to be “Choose Happy.”  Think about it ~ the only person truly responsible for your joy is…you.  Happiness isn’t a response, its a frame of mind, and if you’ve planned a party, its time to enjoy the fun just as much as your guests will on that special day.  So here are my favorite tips to make sure happy happens when you host a party:

Make a schedule

While this might seem like overkill, I know I can get very distracted visiting with my guests, not realizing that it might be time to refresh serving stations, do a quick restroom check, or simply transition to the next activity of the night.  So post this in a highly visible location so not only you stay on track, your guests might just help move you along too!

Partner in Crime

Every hostess needs a partner in crime to help the evening run smoothly. My husband is an amazing co-host, often anticipating what’s next before I’ve stopped chatting, enjoying the result of all my prep and planning. It makes us a great team. But the best party is one where the hosts aren’t just servants. Cut back on your time serving by letting others help throughout the night. You’d do the same for them so don’t think twice about asking when you need them most.

Outsource Cleaning

Oh yes, I’m totally serious! There’s nothing worse than spending your last day on cleaning and prep, feeling more like Cinderella the maid than the princess. Knowing you don’t have to worry about toilet bowls and cobwebs goes a long way to helping you feel special when that doorbell finally rings.

Plan for Kids

I’m a big fan of parties involving kids and love creating a special evening full of activities, crafts, and food tailored specifically for them. But depending on the crowd, managing kids may be a task worth delegating. Local college kids home for break or older siblings will be happy to earn some easy money helping out with the little ones.

Music Makes the Party

Steer clear of overly soothing or alarmingly trendy. Mix it up with a selection of upbeat seasonal and popular music your crowd will enjoy. Be careful not to make the music too personal, but if you have a room full of classic rock fans, you might want to choose wisely and find something that bridges the holiday to Bruce Springsteen gap.

Light Up Ice Cubes for Cocktails

Light Up Ice Cubes for Cocktails
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One Drink Wonder

A signature drink sends a message about your theme and unifies your guests for making toasts easy and often. It also makes for great room décor by setting up more than one drink station in each part of your home. That way not everyone will clamor in the kitchen, unless ultimately that’s where you’d like them to be.

Wear Fabulous

Don’t wait until the last minute to piece together something you despise. When I decide to host a party, I always make sure to pick something uncomplicated but stunning.  Its all about confidence.

Tell me…

How do you have fun when you entertain?

Hosting a party is a delight and having fun is what its all about.  If you are entertaining for the holidays, our GO MOM®! DIY Bundle is a lifesaver and our Organized New Year Pinterest Board has some fun ideas for everything from decorations to glitter nails!

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