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With Christmas just around the corner and your Holiday To Do List getting your full attention, believe it or not, turning your thoughts to how to get organized for the New Year is just smart planning.  By now I’m hopeful that your planner is in hand and already holding key dates and commitments for you and your budget is set and guiding your choices wisely.  Now its time to look at projects.  Successful project execution is all about forecasting, not only for resources but as well for time and once you’ve done that, you can fine tune the details.  Here are my tips for how to get organized with an eye on projects.

Organized Project Planning

This will help you define the task, tell you the number of steps you need to take, help you through the process of sort, trash, donate, keep, all of that good stuff.  So when it comes to your organized project, we’ve got that form for you and you want to make sure you use something to guide you through that project to stay on track.  When you go back to the first step which is the calendar to do something like redo a closet in March based on when your budget will accommodate it, you need to know how many days to get it done and how many steps in the process will take you to that day.

Get Organized and Find Time for Mom

Fitness.  Its the best example I know about how you need to think about your own needs, about organized fitness, organized me time, organized book club, whatever it is, make sure to build that time in for yourself while you are looking at your schedule for the New Year.  That way it exists for you and you are ready to go.

Get Organized for Travel

Even if you don’t go far, maybe a camping trip to the lake for a long weekend or across town to your Mother’s house, think about travel with a positive eye this year.  You want to be looking forward to the New Year with opportunity, looking for creative ways to get you and your family where you all want to go to explore.  You will definitely want to have a great travel checklist handy to keep you on track for that too.

These are the three things I am hoping you’ll focus on this week as you getting organized for the New Year now. Think about it ~ a project impacts your time, travel impacts your time, fitness impacts your time.  It all starts with that calendar, moves into the budget, moves into step three which is mapping out the great stuff. Boy you are looking at a great New Year right about now!  I look forward to seeing you next time when I share the final step on how to get organized in December!

With Christmas just days away, are you working on getting organized for 2013?

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  1. Hope Oswalt12-20-12

    I am getting organized in 2013 by organizing my closet. My closet is a multitasker and it needs help!

    • Molly Gold12-23-12

      Your closet is the best place to start Hope! Once you are organized its easy to organize everyone else =) Good Luck!

  2. Hope Oswalt12-20-12

    @AlicenChris92: @MyGOMOM “I’m Getting Organized for 2013 with @MyGOMOM and the DIY GO MOM! Planner!”

  3. Jackeline Davila12-21-12

    I plan to organize my workspace.

    • Molly Gold12-23-12

      An organized office is a great way to start the New Year Jackeline! Good Luck=)

  4. Hope Oswalt12-21-12

    My e-mail address is

  5. Megan M.12-24-12

    We really just have too much stuff – everywhere. The plan is to pick a room a week and purge it. And then repeat once all the rooms are done. I really hope we can all (kids, too!) stick with it!

  6. ConnieFoggles12-24-12

    I’m tacking my paperwork mess. I need to find a place to file it and a place to store until I can file it.