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Get Organized in December {Your Household Notebook}

Get Organized


With the holidays upon us its easy to avoid thinking about how to get organized for the New Year.  But truly, its time to get your organized game on.  Hopefully these next few weeks will give you windows of time to ponder what an organized New Year might look like.  And hopefully you’ve followed our 4 part series to keep you moving along in the midst of so much chaos.  By now I’m hoping you’ve got your planner all set , your new budget is all set, and you’ve scheduled projects so you can protect necessary time to actually get the job done. I know its hard work, especially in December, but you’ll never regret having invested the time for such a solid foundation.

Which leads you to our final step to help you Get Organized in December ~ creating your very own Household Notebook. A wonderful tool for the entire family so they all know exactly where to find key pieces of information, there are three pillars to a Household Notebook that will help you hit an organized home run. Check it out…

Get Organized for Dinner Mom

Keep a list of your weekly menu and when someone says “Mom! What’s for dinner?” You can point them to the book. You can also move into Plan B by having your Take Out reference right there so you can go ahead and call in take out if you need to mix it up.

Get Organized Team Mom

Think sports, piano, you name it, and alongside you can have any room parent, team mom, car poll helper, just any volunteer role you might need to do. It will be right there for both you and your child so that they can see how you are also involved in what they are doing.

Get Organized with Answers Mom

Think vehicle information, updates on medical records, and in fact even information on your family pet. These are all key pieces of information that could come up at some time that someone else may need to reference.

Making a Household Notebook is a great way to start your New Year off on the most organized foot I know how. It starts with your calendar, moves into your budget, moves into projects that will take more time, and then finally wraps up with an overall snapshot of all the key places that you want to be recording information that could be needed at any given time. Our GO MOM! DIY Planner will set your compass for a wonderfully organized year ahead. And you know what we always say, we are all about living a life generally well organized and exceptionally well loved.

Tell me ~ what are you doing to start off the New Year organized right now in December?

This post is part of a part series that references key resources and tools found in our very own DIY GO MOM! Planner.  If you love a personalized DIY solution, you’ll love our planner ~ check out our DIY Planner Pinterest Board and you’ll find out why!

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