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How to Get Control of Your Frantic Fall

Fall is a wonderful time of year full of new beginnings and a fresh season with all kinds of fun.  But from one busy Mom to another, lets just put it out there that by the first week of October, most of us are losing our minds.  Adjusting to paperwork, carpool, and the dinner time scramble seem to never go away leaving us worn out long before the lights are out.  Here are a few ways you can put the brakes on your runaway train and make your Fall a bit more manageable.

1. Make mornings work. Create a schedule for your family to follow and post it where everyone can see. Start with “turn off alarm” and end with “get on the bus”, including everything in between. This way your children will know each and every step they need to take to get themselves up and out the door.

2. Plan meals weekly. No Mom I know can survive packed afternoons with after school activities, homework, and more without a meal plan and a crock pot. This lets you shop for a week or more at a time and know with certainty not only what you’ll be having but how long it will take. Assign the Crockpot for nights when you know you’ll be late and take a break on Friday with pizza or take out.

3. Clean your room. If you aren’t careful a busy life can mean a messy house so make sure to have a cleaning schedule and stick with it. Consider taking just an hour on Saturday mornings, giving everyone a chore to accomplish. It will lighten your load and give you peace that you know you’ll start each new week with a clean slate, literally and figuratively.

4. Act like a team. Busy schedules demand teamwork from everyone. Teach your children why they have to do their part, big or small as it may be, and you are teaching the life skills they need to be responsible and organized adults. Take time to show them why family means teamwork and no one is more valuable than the other. You’ll find it lowers the stress while increasing their productivity.

Taking time to focus on these 4 areas will make a world of difference in how you live your busy days.  How do you get control of your schedule during the Fall?

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