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Its time to focus on how to clean windows. I don’t love the cleaning thing ~ not inside, not outside. And I especially don’t like it when its just really dirty and you don’t have a choice but to clean it. And here in North Carolina, one thing we see on our windows in the Fall is a nasty covering of cobwebs, the spiders who make them, and the pine straw that gets stuck in all that muck. So Fall is the perfect time to share a quick refresher course in how to clean windows.


I love knowing that my windows are clean and that the solution I’m using is both inexpensive and safe. Just vinegar and water which means you can totally delegate this task to your kids. I’m all about sharing the chores love ~ what can I say! Cleaning your windows in October is a great thing to do as you prepare for the holidays before you host guests and decorate your home both inside and out. This cleaner is perfect on both sides of the glass and you’ll love the view. Let me know…

How do you clean your windows?

How to Clean


Take a minute to stop by our GO MOM! Fall Cleaning Tips Pinterest Board where I’m collecting great ideas to motivate us both because truth be told, I really wish someone else would do this for me. But busy Moms know its all about finding great solutions that will help us get done what we need to do. Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!


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