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How to Clean White Baseball Pants {Part 2 of 3}

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This is step 2 in How to Clean White Baseball Pants.  Just in case you missed it, in How to Clean White Baseball Pants Step 1 I showed you the process that I go through that involves treating the baseball pants as soon as they come off the field and soaking them overnight.  I’ve shared the products, the process, and the routine we follow after some 10 years and 744 and counting baseball games and dirty pants for just one child, not to mention the other children who played baseball too!

Treat Baseball Pants Again

Here is the pair I started with and they really don’t look much better after they soak overnight. So what you have to do is get out that OxiClean again (no relationship at all) and treat them again.  Spray all those same spots just as throughly as you did the first time because your goal is to get those white pants truly clean.

Scrub Baseball Pants Stains Out

After you have sprayed them, you need to scrub every stain with your scrub brush to loosen up that dirt, clay, and grass and get the stain to lift it out.  I do this almost every morning all Spring long.  A glamorous way to spend my mornings I know!

Why I Avoid Highly Toxic Products

You will hear talk around the ball field about using some pretty strong products that are meant to clean of all things cars.  I’m not going to do that to our clothes, my washer, or the water system.  I choose to use known cleaning products that are widely available with easy to qualify testing information.  I realize this is a strong cleaning product but at least I know what I’m using.

Wash Baseball Pants

Once you’ve treated them again, its time to wash them.  I happen to use Tide detergent and I also use Tide Boost to maximize the laundry cycle and its cleaning power.  Remember, this is truly my process, through trial and error, totally unsponsored by any of the brands mentioned.  This is just one baseball Mom’s solution that I’ve found works after years of trial and error.  Tell me…

How do you get your child’s white baseball pants clean?

If you are a Mom with kids in sports, you know that this is just one of the many behind the scenes challenges we deal with sometimes all year long.  We’ve got a great Team Mom Pinterest Board with all kinds of sports solutions so take a minute and check out our pins ~ we can’t wait to see what you love most while there.

Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!


Note:  Since originally filming this video there have been an additional 200+ games and or practices all giving me the gift of filthy white  baseball pants to outsmart and get clean. 

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