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How to Clean White Baseball Pants {Part 1 of 3}

How to clean white baseball pants

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Today we are talking about how to clean white baseball pants. Why does this matter? Its true, I’m a huge fan of Major League Baseball.  While my husband and children love the Angels, my team is and always will be the Cincinnati Reds. A child of the Big Red Machine, growing up in Cincinnati during the history making 1976 World Series Cincinnati Reds.  If you got straight As in middle school, you got a free ticket attached to your report card.  I simply had no choice but to love the game for all its glory. And when it comes to my life as a busy Sports Mom, one of my children has been playing baseball for 10+ years. And he’s a catcher. Baseball is the one sport that involves the most white on its uniform and catcher is the position that you can guarantee is the dirtiest! Lets break it down by the stats:

  • In 10 years we have seen this child on average 45 games and/or practice in any single season.
  • This child has played Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons of baseball and in 3 of those Spring seasons he played on 2 teams simultaneously.
  • That means in the last 10 years, 745 times I have run a load of laundry centered around getting those white baseball pants that are extremely dirty back to white.

At the beginning of every season, one of the most common conversations among Moms on the bleachers is how to clean white baseball pants. Here are my steps for how to get white baseball pants white.

1.  Get the Pants

Deal with dirty white baseball pants as soon as possible after the game.  As soon as you get home, have your player take them off, preferably in the garage so they don’t track in all that dirt.

2.  Stain Treat the Pants

This is key to do before you soak them in a laundry bucket or sink. Pre-treat every spot where you find dirt and use as much as you need to handle the stains you have.  I have no relationship with Oxyclean but have found that for our washer and dryer on community well, this is the product that serves us best when it comes to Carolina clay.

3.  Soak Pre-Treated Pants Overnight

After you’ve covered them with pre-treating stain remover, place the pants in a tub full of warm water mixed with liquid stain treater designed for soaking away hard stains.  I push them down to be totally submerged and then let them soak overnight.

I’ll be back tomorrow morning to show you what the next step is~I’m looking for some sparking white baseball pants Mom!  Tell me…

How do you get white baseball pants clean?

If you are a Mom with kids in sports, you know that this is just one of the many behind the scenes challenges we deal with sometimes all year long.  We’ve got a great Team Mom Pinterest Board with all kinds of sports solutions so take a minute and check out our pins ~ we can’t wait to see what you love most while there.

Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!


Note:  Since originally filming this video there have been an additional 200+ games and or practices all giving me the gift of filthy white  baseball pants to outsmart and get clean. 

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