How to Clean Up Holiday Clutter

Every year I’m amazed at how quickly holiday decor and gifts turn into holiday clutter.  We’ve waited all year for this precious season, so excited to decorate Thanksgiving weekend. But as soon as the gifts are open I want them put away and I have a really hard time waiting before its time to start packing up for next year.

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If you share my pain, there are four kinds of holiday clutter that need your attention now ~ check it out!

Keep gift wrap and boxes in check.

Because I don’t shop till December and often don’t wrap till Christmas week, the wrapping supplies and gift debris make me crazy! We keep the wrapping bin in the master bedroom and everyone takes turns spending time there alone to wrap so they can surprise each other.

While that’s easily enough contained, it’s the gift debris on Christmas morning that makes me nuts. Have a trash bag handy and make sure you haul out the used gift wrap as soon as you are done opening gifts. Once items come out of their boxes, get those collapsed and out to the recycling bin ASAP too. If you have big ticket items, consider taking those boxes to your local recycling center to protect your privacy. No need to let the entire world know what’s valuable inside your home.

A word about reusing gift wrap and bows. Don’t. Seriously. I’m all for keeping a cute gift bag on hand to use next year but recycling gift wrap is just too much to manage. Instead, make sure to stock up on clearance gift wrap for next year, going your tree a fresh look every time.

For every gift received, a gift is given.

No matter what stage of parenting you are in, the surest way to cut the clutter is to get rid of items not used or worn to make room for what’s new. When our children were young, we would declutter toys before Thanksgiving making way for the new ones Santa would bring. Now that they are teens, the tradition continues, just focused on outgrown clothing, electronics, and sports gear, lots and lots of sports gear.  And it often happens between Christmas and New Year’s…because teens.

Donate every piece of unused holiday decor.

If you didn’t put it out, you won’t use it next year so don’t bother keeping it around. Just because you’ve had it forever doesn’t mean it fits your current holiday decor…and that’s okay! If your ornament collection is overflowing, I promise you will make someone’s day by donating them this very week!

Get rid of what isn’t working, donate what you don’t need, and simply throw out what you can’t salvage. When you pull out your GO MOM!® Holiday Bundle in October of next year, you’ll know what if anything, you need to replace.

Give yourself a tax deduction.

The Goodwill Industries website has a wonderful Tax Valuation Guide with everything from household items to toys and clothing. No matter where you donate, make sure to get a receipt. Coupled with the valuation guide, this will help you when you drop off a trunk full of items to estimate how many toys there were and the estimated value, how many pieces of clothing and that estimated value. Your treasure is just as important a donation as your talent and time. Even if your treasure isn’t money, it still has a tax break value and worth sharing.

Be sure to check the donation center that you might visit for their hours and a list of acceptable items to drop off. For example, many centers do not accept stuffed animals or bedding. However there are places who will put them to good use so make sure to do that research. The week between Christmas and New Year’s can be busy at these outlets because everyone is trying to make the most of that last opportunity to donate and so should you. Tell me ~

How do you clear out your holiday clutter?

I hope these tips help you this week and I look forward to seeing you in the wonderfully organized New Year ahead! Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!


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