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How to Choose Holiday Entertaining Gifts

Let the festivities begin!  The first week of December is behind us and if you are like most busy Moms, you probably have a few seasonal events booked on your calendar that will keep you both busy and hopefully oh so blessed.  I love the themed aspect of holiday entertaining and am always on the lookout for the perfect item to bring with me.  I love to find things that are unique , sometimes seasonal, and always just right for the occasion.   That’s why I wait until this week ~ I just have to be in the mood ~ and the deals only get better as we get closer to the big day.

This year, it comes as no surprise to learn I’ll be shopping the Willow House December Sale and for a busy Mom, you can find all the seasonal items you need for the next three weeks right here.  Here are my top 3 picks:


1.  Holiday Cookie Exchange ~ My top pick?  Gramercy Ribbon Plate ~ I love this plate all year long ~ but especially at this time of year!  Add a festive tartan ribbon and take this to your holiday cookie exchange ~ everyone will want to win your plate as much as your cookies.  It makes a wonderful special days plate too ~ all with the change of a ribbon to signify the season or event.


2.  Holiday Potluck ~ My top pick?  Devonshire Lidded Trifle The traditional office party or women’s group luncheon have changed. Today we often find ourselves bringing a dish and this trifle is perfect for the task.  It has  lid to make transporting easy and it begs for a layered display of holiday goodness.   And to tell the truth, I’m all about bringing dessert!


3.  Ornament Exchange ~ My top pick?  Gail Pittman Dove Ornament I love the simplicity of this ornament!   Its message of peace is universal and brings me hope that good things are on their way. Knowing that $2 of the purchase price is donated to Cut It Out makes it all the better.

What special holiday events will you be attending in the next few weeks?  Are you ready?

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