5 Tips to Celebrate Memorial Day

5 Tips to Celebrate Memorial Day

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Have you ever thought about how to really celebrate Memorial Day? I always think of American flags, parades, and picnics at the pool. This weekend is SO important in our country because it was designed to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the very freedom we so easily take for granted.  So before you even think about hitting the pool or hosting that party, visit your local convention and visitors bureau website to find out when and where the Memorial Day parades and ceremonies will be hosted so you and your family can attend.  After you make that important commitment for your family and time then it’s full speed ahead for barbeques and all kinds of summer fun.  Here at my house we have a handful of traditions that help us kick things off ~ check out my 5 tips to help you celebrate Memorial Day this weekend!

Decorate for Memorial Day

Both outside in the garden with pinwheels and red, white, and blue flowers and inside with little touches of the American Flag here and there that make sense.  Maybe add some American Flag decor in the bathroom or basket full of star light mints in the kitchen.

Dress for Memorial Day

We always kick off the summer with a fresh set of red, white, and blue tank tops, t-shirts, and swim suits.  One of my favorite examples of wearing patriotism has to come from the American Flag.  Because we spend a ton of time at the pool, this is my pick ro this year.  This is a big towel that looks like an American flag and the stripes include the names of all the states!

Entertain in Color

We make sure that each time we entertain for a cookout or barbeque, I’ve got something red, white ,and blue that I bring.  From the serving dish to themed items like white and blue tortilla chips with red salsa ~ this is what summer entertaining is all about to me.

Read for a Reason

I bring out a basket full of books this weekend that stays out all summer long.  Its stocked with fun books that embody patriotism, teach about what the flag means, and teach a bit of American history. Then we try to carry that forward by picking summer reading series that are based in American history.  My home is full of history buffs so that helps.  You can finds all kinds of options for every reading level that will make patriotism come alive and that’s really what you are trying to do ~ take the meaning of the holiday and make it real to your children beginning with the flag.

Organize a Flag Walk

Along with attending your local community ceremonies, consider holding a flag walk.  I remember these simple flags on every mailbox in my neighborhood growing up.  Get out with your neighbors and decorate every home with a small American flag. A neighborhood covered in red, white and blue is an incredibly powerful reminder and a wonderful sign of unity right at home..

This Memorial Day, get your family engaged and if you’ve never included a Memorial Day parade or ceremony in your holiday weekend plans, break the mold and give it a try.  By all means celebrate at the pool or work on projects around your home because these are the very freedoms our service men and women live and die for.  But don’t overlook taking time to remember those who give their lives all over the world to make that possible.  Tell me…

How do you celebrate Memorial Day weekend? Do you honor our fallen soldiers?

Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!


Disclosure: This post was originally shared in 2012 as part of the Tide Gold Medal Blogger campaign.  A lifelong Olympic fan, I proudly sported a Dorothy Hamill bob in 1976 and drew a picture of myself on the podium winning the Gold medal just like most every other little girl that magical year.  I am honored to participate in such a wonderful and as always, my opinions are entirely my own.

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  • faye October 13, 2012, 9:46 am

    can i ask where you got the American flag towel w/ the state names? I saw one once and fell in love with it but i have not been able to find it anywhere. Thanks for any info

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