How to Be Organized on Back to School Night


The 3rd week of school means back to school night just for parents.  This week we will have spent three nights at school meetings in a parents only setting where our children’s teachers have the opportunity not only meet parents without distraction but give us scoop on what we can expect for our children in the coming year.  I’m always grateful for back to school night because it gets me in the zone, gets my calendar set, and most importantly helps me best know how I can support both my children and their teachers for our mutual success.  Here are my few tips to help you have an organized back to school night and to truly kick off the new school year just right:

Attend back to school night alone.

Divide and conquer with your partner and if you have to, bring in a sitter for younger kids who don’t have conflicting times.  If you have conflicting times, see what kind of coverage you can get to enable you to focus, such as having the children out on the playground with Mom while Dad tackles one grade and then swap.

Bring your planner.

You simply must use a planner.  It truly is is the only way you’ll know your availability to commit your time and say yes.   Think beyond the classroom for school wide activities that may need your help and as soon as you have it, add all school holidays and scheduled special events into your master calendar.  This will help you protect that time as the year unfolds making sure time off from work for a field trip or class performance is requested and granted well in advance of the big day.

Bring a clipboard.

This is a great way to travel light giving you a flat surface to sign forms with when faced with a crowded table and an easy way to store papers you may be collecting as you go.   Each year I make a fresh round of DIY SCHOOL PLANNERS for each child so I can both stay connected and chronicle things as they unfold.  Yes I bring them to back to school night and I always come home knowing exactly what I’ve done and still need to do.

Don’t for get your check book.

From opening lunch accounts to buying agendas, a stop at the spirit wear table or a renewal for your PTA membership, back to school night will cost you money.  Its worth it to tackle these little items onsite if you can making the most of being able to cover your bases all at once. Otherwise you’ll be sending back more forms than you care to count.

Be that volunteer.

We collect box tops year round to hand in regularly and it requires absolutely no effort on my part at school.  I simply have our children clip them as I put away the groceries and when our baggie is full, the kids take them in.  More than ever your school needs your support in anyway you can provide it.  Be that Mom and choose the things that are easiest for you to follow through on.  You may be surprised at how many you find if you take a second look.

Extra Credit ~ bring a calling card.

In some instances it may simply be easier to hand someone your family calling card. Think about having one with the basics like name, phone, cell phone, and email and when needed you can simply share it with ease.  Bonus points?  Make a small sheet of lablels with the same ~ now that’s an organized Mom!

With kids in every age group, these tips have carried me through our back to school night events with flying colors.  I hope they help you kick things off generally well organized and exceptionally well loved.  Tell me ~

How do you stay organized on back to school night?

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  1. Kim Mack08-24-11

    Great helpful hints. I am sorry to say goodbye to the more relaxed summer mornings. Back to the hustle & bustle.

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