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How to be Healthy with Family Fitness

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Looking for some fresh ideas family fitness tips?  It all begins with making time for you and today I’m sharing a post from my 2012 Partnership with Primrose Schools on the brand new 360 Parenting Blog.  If you are a parent of young children juggling a busy working schedule with daycare, preschool, and more, check out our 2012 contributor series with Primrose Schools full of busy Mom insights designed just for you!

Even though winter is in full swing, February is a great time to focus on family fitness as you turn the corner on longer days, warmer weather, and wearing shorts with pride!    An excerpt from the post….

Evaluate how you handle the dinner hour. Time after work is limited, so make the most it! Putting dinner on autopilot is a great way to free up some extra time. Try using the Crockpot or a healthy readymade meal like rotisserie chicken from the grocery store. Or, consider advance meal planning by tackling a “once-a-month dinner concept,” where you cook and freeze for future meals. All of these solutions will free up time for family fitness.

I’d love to see you there so stop by and I’d love to know…

How do you make time for family fitness?

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Disclosure: Thanks to Primrose Schools for engaging me to provide a monthly series on the Dr. Z and Friends Blog. I’ll be talking all things home organization and family time management with an eye towards families with working parents and children in childcare from birth to age 6. With so many busy Moms returning to work this is a wonderful opportunity for us to share our message of living life generally well organized and exceptionally well loved.


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    Thanks for the article, look forward to hearing how things go.

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