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How The Organized Give Changes Lives

I have a soft spot for projects that are centered on social good.  I didn’t always know that about myself until this past year.  I’ve spent a dozen years talking with Moms about home organization and family time management. To me, the practical solutions to living a life generally well organized and exceptionally well loved are obvious.  You simply Schedule. Organize. and Grow your way through your days. That’s not to say it’s a perfect recipe but overall, I’ve found it to work rather well.

But for so many Moms, life is just not that simple.  From financial ruin to divorce, losing a loved one or suffering catastrophic illness, live is complicated and hard Thanks to a handful of projects, I discovered that working with projects rooted in social good rock my world.  You see at the end of the day, its not about me..and I don’t want it to be.  Its not about my videos or tips.  Its not even about my assistance.  Its about helping someone find the strength inside themselves to tackle what feels insurmountable and make a change in their life that will help them take one step forward.  Its about helping someone celebrate that willingness to deal with the uncomfortable, see the project through, and then build on that success to tackle that next big demon. And over time, a beautiful thing happens.  Every day life is changed from chaos to order and a baseline of simplicity replaces a shaky foundation holding the world on its shoulders.

Last week I was honored to join The Stow Company and Anissa Mayhew to kick off The Organized Give. After meeting Anissa in June at TypeAParent, the exceptional team at Stow was overwhelmed by her story and seeds for The Organized Give were planted.  We spent months putting together the platform and with each conference call, I found myself further convicted that the opportunities to work with social good have a community impact that is worth every effort. Not only is one person impacted, but her entire family.  And in touching them all, everyone that they know is impacted as well.

Anissa’s greatest challenges took me completely off guard.  Not because I’m not a compassionate person, but because like most busy Moms, I take my physical mobility completely for granted.  I get dressed without a second thought, not thinking twice about how to navigate undergarments or pants with buttons or snaps.  I unload groceries from the car, up the steps, and into the pantry moving into cooking dinner without a hitch.  I can reach any item I want at anytime and can tackle an organizing project in a morning or a day, all on my own.  Anissa cannot because she is confined to a wheel chair and has limited use of only half her body. Take a look at what had become her daily demons ~





After spending a weekend with her extended family on hand to help her empty each space and get ready for the install, Atlanta based Spacemakers spent just one day at Anissa’s and look at how each space was transformed!

You can see my entire photo diary of the project on our GO MOM! Facebook Fan Page.  You’ll be amazed at how much progress Anissa made.

The concept behind The Organized Give is simple.  Work with a person or organization who would benefit from home organization solutions in a unique way and in turn, support that person’s charity of choice.  In Anissa’s case, its Violence UnSilenced. Anissa serves on the board of Violence UnSilenced, an organization that created a special website in 2009 that offers resources and voice to survivors of domestic violence, sexual abuse and sexual assault. Supporting her organization is a snap.  With each new “LIKE” on The Stow Company Facebook page between now and February 15, 2012, the company is donating $1 to Violence Unsilenced. If you want to take it one step further, add a badge to your own site just like this:

closet organizers

<a href=””><img src=”” alt=”closet organizers” border=”0″></a>

With each passing year its clear to me that living a life generally well organized plays a huge role in leading my outlook on life to be exceptionally well loved. I may not always have the chance to be involved in social good in this way nor may I have the financial resources to make the kind of monetary contributions I know so may good charities need today.  So I’m resourceful and look for  opportunities that are as simple as a click, letting me show my support with the stroke of a key and no cost to me.  The Organized Give is just one great example for you to choose from.  Tell me ~ do you look for charitable giving opportunities online?  Have you found others that are cost free to you?

Disclosure:  Special thanks to The Stow Company for engaging me to consult with them on The Organized Give campaign.  I was compensated for my time and am blessed to collaborate with them on such a tremendous project.  My opinions are entirely my own.

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  • Anissa January 12, 2012, 1:19 pm

    I can’t tell you how much your time here was loved. xoxoxox

    • Molly Gold January 12, 2012, 2:04 pm

      I loved every minute of it Anissa ~ truly!!! You are a delight to work with and it was such a privilege to have you invite us to your home! You did a fantastic job getting ready and following through Anissa and I so hope its a spring board for you to make progress everywhere you want to =)

  • julie/just precious January 12, 2012, 11:32 pm

    That makes me so happy to see. What a beautiful difference The Organized Give must be making. And what an enormous relief to Anissa, I’m sure.

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