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How Busy Moms Make Spring Fun

Spring Fun

Crocus in Grass

Spring fun has arrived!  With the first day of Spring upon is, I must confess I adore this time of year for all its blooming glory, giving me much needed color and the return of my beloved sun.  A busy time for my family as well, with three children whose favorite sports all take place in the Spring, we are out and about enjoying new friendships and so much fun. This is Spring  ~ it begs us to get moving and come outside to play. As the gardens and trees come alive with warmer temperatures and longer days, I’ve always been the first Mom to say “Lets play at the park and get out for a walk!”  I’m just happier that way. Looking for some ways to put the Spring in your family steps?  My favorite ideas to focus on the fun….

Go Fly a Kite

Nothing says spring fun like a windy afternoon drenched in sunshine.  Be ready to embrace it by having new kites on hand letting you make the most of the breeze when it begins to blow.  Your kids will never know it was anything more than spur of the moment bliss.

Spring Fun and Driveway 101

Driveway playtime brings out the most unexpected creativity I’ve ever seen in my kids and their friends.  From drawing roadways and cities to an army of chalk people traced one at a time, the imagination and color is boundless.  Invest in a new box of sidewalk chalk and plenty of bubbles with jumbo wand sets to make it easy to share and even more fun to enjoy.

Welcome Friends

The first day of spring is a great time to gather your kids and focus on freshening up your front porch.  Let them know how important an inviting porch with cozy rockers and fresh flowers can be to welcome their friends and encourage Spring fun.  Let them help you plant new flower pots and choose a new welcome mat that is full of cheer.

Bikes and Trikes

Such and easy way to make an afternoon full of memories, make sure bikes are in working order.  Be sure to raise the seats thanks to all that winter growing your kids have surely done and if needed purchase a new bike to accommodate those dangling lets.  Do the same for helmets, making sure they not only fit but are free of damage and in good condition.  And most of all, freshen up those bells, baskets, and streamers because it really is all about the accessories!

Plant Violas and Pansies

I have the fondest memories of my toddlers planting pansies and to this day my growing children anticipate this ritual, knowing that it means Spring is hear and the garden is about the explode.  A visit to the nursery to select this years color combination and a few hours spent digging in the dirt together listening while they share is priceless year after year.

Birds of a Feather

Add a bird feeder or two and birdbath to your yard and you will be awash in the magic that is the songbird and it glorious colors.  An easy habitat to add, birdbaths invite the birds to stay and play and with warmer temperatures on the way, the ceramic will withstand Spring evenings well.

Play it Safe

Easy to overlook but oh so important, Spring is the time to give your play set a good inspection to make sure it is secure.  Look for sturdy ropes that aren’t fraying and tightened bolts on ladders, slides, and anywhere the beams intersect.  Perhaps the most fun for your kids and telling to your heart is to make sure swings are adjusted to new heights thanks to those winter growth spurts.

I couldn’t love the promise of Spring more.  Full of fresh air, sunshine, renewal and so much fun, in all my years of mothering, following these rituals has always gotten my family equally excited for the new season too.  You can clearly see I’ve always been an outdoor Mom, encouraging my kids to spend hours on end soaking up every new season in all its glory. As they’ve grown, I’ve spent just as much time as a Sports Mom on the sidelines making our time at home that much more precious and all about Spring fun.  Tell me…

What traditions do you have to welcome Spring at home?

Looking for ideas to get your kids involved in your garden?  Check out our Gardening Tips Pinterest Board for inspiration we’ve found that we hope you’d love to pin as well.  And if you need a little jumpstart to help you get organized, grab your FREE Spring Organizing Printable to send you on your way.

Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!

Disclosure:  The post was inspired by a previous post I was honored to write for BabyCenter’s Momformation Blog in Spring 2011.

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