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I can’t stand a to-do list full of little things nagging at me while I manage my days.  This week is all about how to handle those crumbs. The 4th in our series “GO MOM!® Organizing Tips” and January is all about your Home Office.  Its a year long series designed to focus on one area of your home, one process in your busy life as a Mom, our goal is to help you get though it for once and for all so that you don’t have to look over your shoulder at it again all year long.

Now that you’ve done all the hard work these 3 weeks prior designating an office spacecleaning it out from top to bottom, and deciding what kinds of processes to put in place as start fresh, the last place to focus on is deciding how you are going to tackle the little things and handle the crumbs.  There is nothing worse than having to pay bills while sitting by the pool or to take care of paperwork when you’d rather be out for the afternoon on a family bike ride.  Life gets busy ~ I know!  I’ve got three kids and I work from home ~ to say its crazy sometimes is an understatement.  It can be so hard to keep up on the things that are the grown up tasks.  So here are my tips to help you take care of the crumbs.


Handle it now.

Make sure that every day you handle everything that comes your way.  Weather its email or paper, digital or in real life, you need to Act, File, or Throw Away.  You need to budget time to do that, not spending your time distracted hopping in and out of it all day long.  But you want to make sure you spend dedicated time each day to taming those two influences.  You might not be able to take care of something right away but you are going to file it, you are going to make a note on your calendar to handle it on another day, the day it needs to get done. And then you are going to forget about and move on. The key is to keep those kinds of crumbs out of your way.

Schedule a monthly catch up day.

At the end of every month as you prepare for the new month, make sure you take care of some of the bigger crumbs.  Maybe you’ve put something off like calling the insurance company and you kept carrying it forward on your calendar wishing you could delegate it to someone. Give yourself one day a month so you can catch up on those things.  I hope that it never takes the whole day but if it does, it was a day well invested to help keep you on track.

Plan for a quarterly inventory.

Once a quarter make sure to take inventory of how your processes are working.  Is that inbox getting stacked up higher than it needs to be?  What do you need to do differently about that?  Ask yourself those tough questions so that once a quarter as you tidy up, if you do this, there won’t be that end of the year overhaul that so many Moms find themselves having to do.

Think about it like this ~ its just like cleaning your bathrooms. Simply clean them every week and it won’t be that big of the deal.  If you don’t bother to clean them for a long time then you’ve got a mess on your hands at it will take far longer to get them on track.  Your office is the same.  For many busy Moms its the marriage of both your home and your work so make the marriage work well.  Keep it tidy and organized so you can focus on enjoying all the things that are wonderful about your busy life. So tell me…

How do you tackle the little things and keep up with the crumbs in your

home office on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis?


Check out our Home Office Pinterest Board for all kinds of great inspiration to help  you to stay on track and tackle you home office for once and for all. Because remember, if you think like you are moving, there’s really not any time to waste!  Thanks so much for stopping by and we’ll see you next week ~ take care!


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