Home Office Organizing Tips ~ Evaluate Your Space

Home Office Organizing Tips Evaluate Your Space

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Its January and that means our GO MOM!® Organizing Tips Series starts again focused on all things Home Office. Think like you are moving. You’ve just found out you’ve got to move, get your house listed, and girlfriend you’ve got some serious purging and organizing to do. Well that’s the mentality this entire series all year long will have and for the month of January there is no better place to start than evaluating the space dedicated as your home office.

Where will your home office be located?

You might be lucky enough to have an actual office like I do. I work from home full time so it made perfect sense to have a dedicated space. But for many busy Moms, no matter if you are working from home full or part time or simply managing your extremely busy life, that “home office” might actually be a desk in the kitchen, a desk in the family room, or that dining room table under a mountain of papers. Consider the location and give yourself the dedicated space that you need, even if it means converting an unused or underused closet. There might be gems of space waiting for you that will be perfect for you to work in. NO matter if its on the main floor or upper floor its all about making it work well for you.

Who will use your home office space?

Frankly if are lucky enough to have a converted closet area that makes it really easy for no one else to use it but you and that makes me a bit jealous. My office space is actually a joint space. We’ve compromised and my children’s technology center is here so computers are on, people might be working alongside of me while I’m working so we’ve learned to work well together. You need to consider what might need to happen in the space you claim as your office and be flexible about how you set it up so everyone can win.

What products will make your home office work better?

Ask yourself if you need to take over a closet. Do you need to convert a closet? Do you need to add cabinetry? Do you need to take over cabinets above that desk in the kitchen? Do you need to go ahead and use more filing space?  All of these questions answered will help you set up the perfect home office for your needs. Consider them, honor them, and start your New Year off with your home office in mind.

Every successful project begins with a plan and our GO MOM!® DIY Planner includes key worksheets that can help you tackle your home office with all kinds of organized awesome  ~ Organized Budget, Organized Projects, and Organized Work. Together each will help you work through these questions and get a handle on exactly what you need to do.  Tell me…

Where is your home office in your home? Or are you just hoping to have one soon?

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  • Emily @ColoradoMom January 1, 2013, 2:13 pm

    I linked up my post on organizing toys to keep the little ones away from the older kids tiny toys. It was written in 2011, but still pretty relevant today! I keep a lot of toys in my home office to keep the kids busy while I work, so I thought it would apply. 😉

  • Tami Jolly October 22, 2013, 3:32 am

    Location should be the first factor you need to consider when conceptualising your home office. Anyway, thanks for these helpful tips.

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