Home Office Organizing Tips ~ Clean It Out

Home Office Organizing Tips ~ Clean It Out!

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The most obvious home office organizing tip has to be to simply clean it out.  But as you and I both know, that can be easier said than done!  Welcome to week 2 for GO MOM!® Organizing Tips where January is all about your Home Office. With a “Live Like you are Moving” mentality we are helping you get through one key space or process, one month at at time all year long.

Last week we worked on how to evaluate your space no matter where it might be, an office, kitchen desk, converted closet, or that dining room table under a mountain of paper.  In order to tackle that space, quite frankly you need to find out what needs to go in there.  Most of us have a space that we are working in.  Whether its dedicated office space or its just a hap hazard accidental office, you’ve got somewhere you are keeping all of this, or maybe its multiple somewheres! So this week is all about the clean. Before you get started, here is what you need to do.


Create a staging area for your stuff.

This is somewhere where when you will empty all of that stuff you’ll have enough space to go through it. When I cleaned out my office last year and completely reorganized it, I staged everything in the dining room.  We weren’t using the dining room for anything special, not entertaining that week, and it was the best place where I could get everything out so that I could evaluate it and hold onto only what needed to go back in.

Use bins to sort with focus.

The same that you always have handy when you tackle and organizing project ~ TRASH, DONATE, and SAVE.  But you will also want to add 4th bin labeled SHRED.  Enlist your children to help you and as you fill up a bin for items you need to have shred for our business and personal identity security, pay one of your children to tackle that task for you.  You won’t even have to deal with all that which is so time consuming letting you focus on the clean while they earn a little extra money tackling the mundane.  .

Designate key spaces for how you work.

Make sure that you have somewhere to WORK, such as a desk surface as clear and clean as possible and hopefully as big as you need. Make sure you have somewhere to place REFERENCE ITEMS like important books, old work that you need to keep handy, or just inspiration.  And make sure you have somewhere for STORAGE and SUPPLIES such as a filing cabinet and closet.  Now if you don’t have that much space available to you, lets use that kitchen desk as an example like so many busy Moms are working from.  You can take over more cabinets in your kitchen if that cabinetry is underused.  Relocate items that you might only use once a year into the attic, pantry or any number of other logical locations so that you can free up that necessary space and use it well. If you need to have things be mobile, consider storage carts housed in a nearby closet to enable you to wheel key items in and out when its work time.  Another storage cart that could go anywhere in the house could include supplies for everyone to use from school work to Mom’s work making it easy to have what you need close by.

So that’s this weeks series of Home Office Organizing Tips.  Every successful project begins with a plan and our GO MOM!® DIY Planner includes key worksheets that can help you tackle your home office with all kinds of organized awesome  ~ Organized Budget, Organized Projects, and Organized Work. Together each will help you work through these questions and get a handle on exactly what you need to do. Tell me…

How do you handle cleaning that home office space? (And yes it does also involve dusting and vacuuming!)

For more great ideas to help you get organized check out our Home Office Pinterest Board for my favorite finds.  I love finding new ideas to share with you there and that’s what this series is all about ~ helping us all get through it as we Outsmart the Chaos™, one month at at time.

Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!



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