How to Choose Must Have Office Supplies

How to Choose Must Have Office Supplies. Let's think about the processes and office supplies that will help you keep your organized office just the way you want it all year long.
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Let’s face it, new and colorful office supplies have to be one of my favorite parts of getting my home office organized. This week we are talking about office supplies and how they impact your process.  There is nothing more fun than adding color and style to your process. As you can tell from above, I’m a huge fan of acrylic, lucite, and anything clear so you can actually see what’s inside each container.

January’s  GO MOM!® Organizing Tips are all about your Home Office.  With the goal of helping you organize as if you are moving, you want to challenge yourself to work within a very short amount of time and be efficient so you are taking along only what you truly need.

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Now that you have evaluated your space, and cleaned it out (which might have been really hard work), it is time to think about the processes and office supplies that will help you keep your organized office just the way you want it all year long. Let’s take the areas one by one.

In/Out Box

When it comes to office supplies, in/out boxes can get easily overlooked for the role they can play in your paper management success or failure.  Make sure that this is the right kind of system for how you want to take in information.

  • Do you want your family papers in one inbox and business in another?
  • Do you want everything in one place?
  • Do you want each family member to have their own inbox?
  • Are you comfortable with checking them every single day?

You need to think through this process to organize the papers that come into your world. There are still plenty of them – from bills to important information from school or clients. You need to have a way to capture all the papers and not lose anything important. You need to be able to easily sort through them to act, file, throw away, or whatever the action step is that needs to happen.

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Do you have an adequate filing system? Do you have an adequate storage space to keep the files once you create them? When it comes to office supplies, I’m a big fan of color coding. I’m a big fan of thinking of things in terms of projects, and of not overcomplicating it. You might prefer a very detailed filing system and for some types of information, this can be great. Know yourself well. When it comes to personal bills for example, I’m all about just handling them by month, not by supplier. Then at the end of the year its a simple hour of sorting, placing things where needed, turning in my taxes and I’m on my way. Having too many files can make things too detailed and cost me more time than its worth. So keep that in mind when you are working on filing.


From charging stations for all the different media devices you have, to where you locate your printer/computer, and where you locate all those cords, choosing the right office supplies to help you can make a huge difference in the efficiency of your office. Even if its a small space, you still want to have things logically placed. So if it comes down to moving an outlet or a jack, calling in the phone company, just do it if it makes the space work better. That is what its all about. If you need to have things like charging stations and printers in another room because your home office is in the kitchen, a converted dining room, or that closet, go ahead and make sure its all set up wireless and seamless.

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These are the considerations you need to have in mind when you are choosing office supplies.  Tell me….

What’s the most important process in your home office to help you keep it organized?

I’d love to know!  For more ideas about how to organize your home office, check out our Home Office Pinterest Board.  We hope that its a great source of inspiration for you to stay on track and tackle you home office for once and for all. Because remember, if you think like you are moving, there’s really not any time to waste!

Thanks so much for stopping by and we’ll see you soon~ take care!


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