Holiday Schedule and To Do List

Holiday Schedules

A Christmas Stocking

Thanksgiving is over ~ are you ready for your holiday schedule and its long list of  to dos?  Today we are talking about how to Outsmart the Holiday Chaos starting with your holiday schedule and to do list.  The reality is you still have make dinner, make sure that homework gets done, make sure that the laundry, groceries, bill paying, and everything else that goes along with your daily life takes place.  Yet over about a six week time period you will be bombarded with a holiday schedule and to do list that you have just one shot to get it right. So here are the two things that are most important in my mind to help you better navigate that holiday schedule.

Use a Holiday Checklist

This is critical to give you a road map of all of the kidns of things you need to think about when it comes the holidays. There have been things specific to November and those that will clearly fall in December. Related to the holidays in each of those months and related to what’s available. Many people have traditions for example around when they might visit Santa Claus for those who celebrate Christmas. So they might plan to do this Thanksgiving weekend or they might plan it closer to Christmas time. Either way its something you need to build time in your schedule for without leaving it so long that you’ve got to the last few days and you can’t fit it in or someone ends up sick and you simply can’t get there to actually see Santa before the big day. So it really is so important to have that specific list of holidays to dos that you can map out for both November and December.

Use a Daily To Do List

This running checklist works in compliment with your overall to do list because that to-do list might have other tasks associated. So if you keep this running holiday to do list handy, you can re-write it, you can check it off as you go, and it will give you the peace of mind that you are staying on task one week at a time.

If you work with these 2 tools together throughout your entire holiday season, you’ll be delighted to see how very well organized and exceptionally well loved they go. So tell me…

How do you make sure to manage your holiday schedule in the midst of your every day life?

Leave us a comment ~ we’d love to know!  To stay on track and tackle your holiday schedule and to do list, check out our GO MOM!® DIY Holiday Bundle.  With 12 worksheets to get you started, you can’t help but enjoy all the holidays have in store.  Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!

Happy Holidays!

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