Holiday Baking Plan

Holiday Baking Plan

Holiday Gingerbreads
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I absolutely adore holiday baking!  One of my favorite parts of our Christmas celebration, I’m always looking for new recipes to share and festive ways to package them as I go.  Just check out our Organized Holiday Baking Pinterest Board and you’ll see exactly what I mean.  Today we are talking about how to Outsmart the Holiday Chaos when it comes to baking.  Believe it or not, something that is so fun and delicious can actually cause many busy Moms a lot of stress.  So here are my tips to help you keep the stress under check and the fun in the baking.

Plan Holiday Baking Time in the Kitchen

Get your planner out and mark that time now.  Protect time that you will bake on your own if you have certain things you like to make in the kitchen by yourself.  And then protect that time with your family.  Two drastically different experiences each with their own unique set of time requirements.  Yes baking with my family takes a whole lot longer but boy is it a ton of fun!

Keep a Holiday Baking Grocery List

Have this nearby all season long.  I don’t mix this list with my regular grocery list because I want to be able to make that list before the holidays get away from me and keep it with me as the season unfolds.  I know when I will need my baking supplies, I just want to be sure I can make the most of the sales as we lead up to our big baking day.

Take Inventory of Holiday Baking Equipment

Baking supplies isn’t just ingredients.  You need to make sure that all your baking equipment is in good shape and ready to go.  The mixer, spatulas, the right baking trays, muffin cups, do you have the right tools to pipe icing and evenly spread sprinkles?  Its key to make sure you have both the right equipment and the ingredients to have a great baking day.  So keep that list handy and keep working with it all season long.

Focus on the Fun

To me, holiday baking really is all about making memories. We’ve got a holiday cookbook that we’ve created in our family with the all recipes that my children love that we’ve made over the years.  It also includes the recipes of their favorite cookies that they like to make to give to family and friends as well as recipes that might be from generations back. While we might not make them every year they are surely part of our family tradition.  Focus on the fun and yes, keep that camera and video camera near by but remember the goal is to enjoy the baking so you can enjoy the season and pass on the tradition.

Like all things at GO MOM! and with our Outsmart the Chaos mentality, its simply about you getting things prepared ahead of time so that you can offer that platform for the memories to unfold.  I hope that these tips hep you when it comes to how to Outsmart the Holiday Chaos when it comes to baking and we’d love to know…

What are your favorite family baking traditions for the holidays?

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With 12 worksheets to get you started, you can’t help but enjoy all the holidays have in store.  Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!

Happy Holidays!

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