Halloween Traditions and How to Boo


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How to Boo

Halloween Traditions and Booing
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Do you Boo? Its a fabulous Halloween tradition that someone included us in back in Virginia and we started here in our neighborhood when we moved in six years ago. Its a family tradition that all of my children love, which speaks volumes since they span elementary, middle and high school ages. Once we started the booing that first Halloween, it took off like wildfire and now our neighborhood is full of friendly mischief every year.  Booing is this simple:

1. Find Boo signs and poems online: You can find all kinds of great ideas online ~ our sign this year came from OrganizedChristmas.com

2. Assemble treat bags: Think pencils, spider rings, jelly skeletons, candy, scary glasses, whatever you’d like to include. It doesn’t have to be anything big, just a little treat along with your trick.

3. Pick 2 neighbors to boo: Booing is basically ding dong ditch with a gift. You pick a home without a sign, go up when its dark, ring the bell and run. The sign tells the next family what they are supposed to do and by the time you arrive at Halloween you’ll find the neighborhood full of friendly fun.

I’m always looking for ways to bind our family together with traditions that will carry forward to our children’s children. I’m hopeful that holiday traditions like Booing at Halloween will create fond and life long memories of childhood that as parents, my children will love to pass on. Booing is just plain fun. Our younger daughter is our only trick or treater this year but her brothers are still engaged with her when we sneak out to stir up some mischief. I can’t think of a better way to kick off the last weekend before Halloween. Tell me…

Do you have special Halloween traditions? Do you Boo?

For more ideas for all kinds of Halloween fun, from games to decor and so much more, check out our GO MOM!® Halloween Pinterest Board. Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!

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