Guest Room Ideas for the Holidays

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time for some great guest room ideas.  At this time of year, you are either the guest or the host. Rarely are you neither between Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Hanukkah, Kwanza, you name it – there are six weeks of opportunity for you to be staying somewhere or hosting someone. Now is a great time to help you think about getting those guest rooms organized.

I hope these guest room ideas and tips help you better organize your guest room as you travel through the holidays.

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Make your guest room private.

In the video I’m actually sitting in our guest room, which is our playroom all of the year. When we have guests, 2 things happen. First, depending on the guests, I may put my children in this room. I’ll take the trundle out to make the day bed work for my children, instead of putting our guests in here depending on their needs. Or second, I may empty the items out of this room that my children most desire [to prevent them from knocking on the door early] and give the guests this room.

The most important thing is to provide a space that is private. If the only space you have is public like a family room or living room, then your family should be the one who is sleeping there and the guests should be the ones get a bedroom in your home. It’s much easier for you to be displaced in your own home then to ask someone who rarely visits to be out in the public space.

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Look at the room from your guests point of view.

Does it feel like a bedroom? Is it as nice as how you have your bedroom set up? Don’t make it an afterthought. Take the time to include a basket of amenities, have adequate lighting, clean any cobwebs or dust. Make sure you have storage. Is there somewhere for your guests to hang their clothes or empty their suitcase? Those are all little touches that say “I’m happy to have you in our home and want you to be as comfortable as possible.” Fresh flowers and candles are a perfect touch.

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It’s all about the bed.

It doesn’t matter if you are using an air bed, pull out couch, or a trundle bed like I do. Make it as comfortable as you can. If you need to buy a mattress topper to add a few inches than add it. If you need to buy a fresh comforter then do it. Don’t give your guests your kids old comforter with trucks on it. Have a dedicated set of linens that is just for that bed so that when you pull it together it’s as fresh and wonderful and comfy as possible.

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I focus on making my holiday guests as comfortable as they can be If I've made them feel at home, I've been exactly the kind of hostess I've hoped to be.

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I hope these guest room ideas and tips help you better organize your guest room as you travel through the holidays. Tell me…

How do you prepare your home to handle holiday guests?

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  • Damian November 13, 2012, 10:48 pm

    Making a room pull double duty (playroom and guest room) is challenging. Good idea to look at it from a guests point of view… maybe get a friend or neighbor to help with seeing things differently as it being your space may make you “blinded” to some things.

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