Graduation Gift Ideas {High School Students}

Graduation Gift Ideas {High School Students}

Graduation gift ideas are harder to decide on than you think. As we prepare for our first child to graduate high school next week, I suddenly find myself completely stumped when it comes to deciding what to get him. As a child who has been so blessed through his high school years, he’s not in need of the obvious technology gifts. We considered taking a special trip just parents and graduate but decided we’d rather see this happen when he graduates from college. So I did a little research and have come up with a list of 12 graduation gifts I think any graduate would love. Notice there are a few items that may be more tailored toward a female graduate but the category for the gift is still the same.

Mountain Bike

A great way to get around campus, a mountain bike is just flexible enough if you find your graduate on a campus full of hills. Make sure to purchase the necessary lock and choose a bike that is modestly priced making it less desirable to “borrow”.
Nishiki Adult Pueblo Mountain Bike 2014 dickssportinggoods.com

Dorm Room Gift Card

Outfitting your graduate’s dorm room can get expensive. A gift card to Bed, Bath & Beyond is a great way target your gift to a practical area where he or she might need it most and be that much more grateful for it when those expenses start adding up this summer.
The Graduate Gift Card bedbathandbeyond.com

Noise Canceling Headphones

While I’m hopeful my graduate will have a quiet environment to study or relax, its likely some days he’ll have to work hard to find the focus that he needs. Sound canceling headphones are a gift from above, making it possible to work or tune out unwanted noise no matter where you are. The compact version make it easy to carry them along to the library or Starbucks, wherever he may choose to hang.
Compact Noise Cancelling Headphones brookstone.com


More important than ever before, your graduate’s backpack is their life on the go. Choose one for durability, weather resistance, and that is constructed to safely transport all their tech tools too.
SwissGear Travel Gear ebags.com

Wristlet Wallet

Perfect for social events or a quick stop at the campus store, a wristlet makes sure your girl doesn’t lose her wallet since its safely attached to her wrist at all times. A fun fashion accessory, its a great way to also give your graduate some money tucked inside too.
COACH Box Legacy Signature Small Wristlet zappos.com

Swiss Army Money Clip

For those boys who just won’t carry a wallet, at least you can make sure they keep their money organized with this. Also a nice way to package up a gift of cash.
Swiss Army Money Clip by Victorino swissknifeshop.com

Monogrammed Tech Gear Cases

So many great options out there, I chose this cute paisley laptop sleeve as a great example of how to monogram with style. The key here is to make it as easy as possible for your student to both spot her gear in the middle of her room and to make it easy to identify when she’s out and about.
Monogrammed Paisley Zipper Cases Sleevs – Laptops, iPads, Kindle inthisveryroom.com

Overnight Bag

Perfect for a weekend trip home, a monogrammed weekender bag makes it easy for your graduate to grab what she needs to bring home. You might want to also give her a duffle bag for any dirty clothes she wants to wash with your washer and dryer. Notice I didn’t say you’d be washing them for her?
Monogrammed Black Chevron Stripes Overnight Bag – Duffel Bag inthisveryroom.com

Pocket Knife

Just as old fashioned and practical as the day is long, a pocket knife with a light is about as safety focused as I can think. Its equal parts Macgyver and my Dad telling me to make sure I’m always prepared to fix something or defend myself.
Swiss Army Red Spartan and Cross & Shield Microlight by Victorinox swissknifeshop.com


Yes, yes, I know your graduate has one on her phone. But a good digital camera goes a long way to encourage memory making that isn’t always instant. And just incase it’s all about Instagram, this one enables you to post as well.
PowerShot ELPH 340 HS Purple usa.canon.com

Monogrammed Key Chain

Are you noticing my theme of monogramming things I really hope my graduate doesn’t lose? A monogrammed key chain does just that and when it comes to the girls, again think fashion accessory, thus the lovely pink and silver combo here.
Monogrammed Acrylic Keychain in Colors, Initials – Cute! inthisveryroom.com

Personalized Stationary

No better way to make sure your graduate has what they need to be gracious than to give them a set of personalized stationary to keep and use and school. When you can, choose university colors ~ its a fun way to recognize the season of their lives but gives them no excuse for misplacing their manners.
Refined Graduate – Personal Stationery in Black or Stormy Blue | Hello tinyprints.com

I hope you find this to be a good starter list of graduation gift ideas for the special students in your life this spring. I find myself wavering between the insanely practical and the incredibly meaningful so hopefully I’ll land somewhere in the middle. Tell me…

What was your favorite graduation gift?

For more graduation gift ideas from gifts to announcements, party ideas and more, check out our Graduation Pinterest Board. I really can’t believe we are here! Thanks so much for stopping by ~ see you next time!


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