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GO MOM! DIY Planner Menu Minder is Your Solution!

When life is really busy, the one way to ensure that you don’t blow your monthly budget by eating a lot of takeouts and don’t end up overwhelmed and stressed out by not having dinner ready when you get home is to use two of the most important sheets in the DIY planner. By the way, one of the best parts about a DIY planner is that you can print out exactly the pages you need and use them where you want. So, that’s how we will be using the Menu Minder worksheet and the Grocery Planning sheet.

Plan Your Menus with the Menu Minder sheet

Begin by planning your menus for one week and then, you can replicate the ideas for the next 3 weeks. If your family won’t eat the same things, create unique meal ideas for 4 weeks. Don’t worry about sales and coupons. Make the menu first. A few ideas are casserole night, a meat that will create two or more meals, a leftover night, a grilling night, soup night, kids cooking night and so on. In that way, you’ll have something healthy, easy-to-put together and affordable for each night of the week, for 4 whole weeks!

2. Make a Grocery List for Each Week

Once you make the Menu Minder for 4 weeks, make a grocery list for each week with exactly what you need for each meal for the week. Most importantly, you can put the two sheets into your coupon binder.

3. Couponing and Meal Planning

When you’re shopping for the week, you can keep an eye out for things that you may need during the month. Couponing can be stressful and when it comes to saving money, coupons are free money. The only way I can identify what coupons are best for my family is to map out our meals, write out the list that goes with those meals and make menu plans for four weeks and then, I can make couponing work for my family, easily. We’re all going to do it different and I’m trying to share things that work for me.

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