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Getting Organized for Surgery

Getting Organized

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Getting organized for surgery isn’t an every day occurrence.  And for busy Moms, while you are the first to raise you hand to help others in this situation, its a whole new ball game when its you who has to take your turn.  I’m about to have an outpatient surgery on my foot, something I’ve known is coming for quite some time and thanks to a great surgeon, I’m confident I’ll be on the move again in no time sporting a sparkly cast as my summer must have accessory. But there is going to be a two week window from the time I have the surgery to the time I’m out and about again that will a bet a bit crazy. So as in all things, you know me, I figured why not talk about the details and how to prepare. Check out my tips for getting organized for surgery.

Getting Organized for Record Keeping

Create a medical binder. You know how I love a good binder! In this case I found it most useful to go back to my library of DIY Home Notebooks to gather the key forms to get me started. First I’ve gathered all the information from the doctor that outlines my instructions and all the details I needed to handle, such as prescriptions and arranging for crutches. I have a dedicated folder for the surgical center, mostly focused on finances to track the expenses there for insurance keeping things in one place.

Getting Organized for Schedules

Map out the family schedule, transportation, and housework.  In order to recover without stress, mapping out your family schedule is king. Make arrangements for carpool and transportation, laundry and other household chores. I am using my GO MOM!® Planner calendar sheets to map out about 3 weeks of our busy days so I make sure to enlist help where ever we need it.

Getting Organized for Groceries

Arrange for online grocery ordering and drive thru pickup.  Use an online grocer where you can go online to order the groceries and your partner or friend can easily stop by to pick up the order for you. This is an easy thing to keep going on your end, enabling you to help out without risking take on too much too early.

Getting Organized at Work

Plan ahead for projects at work.  Make sure to get as much work done in advance so that in your early recovery period you can rest without stress. As well, once you return to work you won’t be overwhelmed with too much to do. In my case, I’ve done a number of videos ahead of time that can be easily loaded.

Getting Organized for Fun

Plan ahead for special events that might need your attention.  Think ahead anything that might occur while you are recovering that will benefit from you planning ahead now for anything you need to have on hand. For me, its the end of the school year so things like getting the pool bag and summer supplies in order, any graduation gifts for the special seniors in our lives, and replenishing any straggling summer clothing items we might have yet to replace.

The biggest issue for me will be accepting the reality that I won’t be able to do as much as I’m used to in those first few weeks. If you’ve had a surgery (other than having a baby) that has you sitting on the sidelines for a bit,…

What are your best organizing tips for getting ready for surgery?

Thanks so much for stopping by ~ see you next time!


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