Get Organized with Daylight Savings

Get Organized with Daylight Savings

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Fall Daylight Savings is not my friend.  I gotta be honest, I dread this day ~ I truly do!  Yes I love that Daylight Savings means we are just a few short weeks away from the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years trifecta of festive fun.  But I struggle mightily with the shorter days and lack of sunshine.  I NEED my sunshine.  So like all things, I take it in stages, working hard to keep myself busy and focus on each holiday as it comes while keeping up with indoor projects that will give me a sense of accomplishment.  As I count down to December 21st, I know that if I can make it to that day, its all uphill after that.

So to kick off the next 7 weeks of shorter days without my sun, here are 5 tips to get organized now:

Change Passwords

If you don’t change them often, making sure to change them at least twice a year is a start.  Grab your laptop, a cup of coffee, and if you have a GO MOM!® DIY Planner our Organized Passwords worksheet.  With holiday shopping right around the corner this is such an easy way to help protect you from any kind of unfortunate circumstances should your personal information be exposed somehow.

Make A Holiday To-Do List

Before you know it Thanksgiving will be here and now that you find yourself inside a little earlier every day, take that extra time to get your holiday to-do list in order.  Our GO MOM!® DIY Holiday Bundle has everything you need to organize your holidays from A to Z.

Flip and Vacuum Mattresses

I flip our mattresses twice a year and each time I do,  I vacuum them too.  This simple process goes a long way to removing the dust mites and preventing any unnecessary allergens from disrupting our sleep.  If you don’t have a copy of our FREE Fall Checklist, now is a great time to get one and see if you are on track!

Replace Pillows and Towels

As I prep for holiday guests, refreshing pillows and towels for both guests and family too is an easy task that makes even the oldest linen suites seem crisp and new.  As we change the bedding to flannel for colder nights, its such a nice touch to have fluffy new pillows to rest on at night and thick towels to keep you warm on those cold mornings too.

Plant Bulbs

There is nothing more promising to me than taking time in our garden now to guarantee a beautiful display to enjoy come Spring.  Crocus are the first to share their glory in late January or February, no matter how cold, reminding me that  the Hyacinths, Daffodils, and Tulips aren’t far behind.  I do everything I can to keep color in my yard as long possible so I choose a wide variety of bulbs that will bloom in sequence and bring me joy with every passing day.

So there you have it ~ my tips for how to get organized with Daylight Savings. Each of these tips is an investment in something more~ preparing me for the holidays gets me excited and focused on the joy that is sure to come.  Taking extra steps to keep my family and guests comfortable makes me feel good about caring for my home.  And digging in my garden always gives me a sense of accomplishment and pride.  Now is the time to get your organized game on and if you are like me, keep the darker side of shorter days at bay.  Tell me…

What annual tasks do you do to get organized with Daylight Savings?

For more ideas about how to manage your time, check out our GO MOM!® Time Management Tips Pinterest Board and thanks so much for stopping by!


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