Get Organized for Holiday Guests

November means the holidays are here! And just like that, your planner got busy mysteriously adding a huge list of must do chores, activities, and all kinds of chaos while you were busy putting away all that Halloween decor.  If you are like me, some of those items include getting ready for holiday guests.  No matter if it’s a simply impromptu gathering of neighbors on a rare open weekend night or a scheduled family visit that has you doing your best to accommodate more people than your house can humanly hold, it’s game time to get ready and you are the coach.

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I focus on making my holiday guests as comfortable as they can be If I've made them feel at home, I've been exactly the kind of hostess I've hoped to be.

Because planning ahead makes hosting guests more effortless than burdensome, I’ve got a few key areas to organize that I find make any visit logistically sound.  Why? Because they focus on making my guests as comfortable as they can be and if I’ve made them feel at home, then I’ve been exactly the kind of hostess I’ve hoped to be.  Check out my tips for getting ready for holiday guests below!

I share my top 5 tips for an organized guest bathroom, not only for the holidays, but all year long.

You might be surprised at how easy it is to make your guest bathroom special, even if it’s not usually used that way. It all begins with thinking like a guest!


I hope these guest room ideas and tips help you better organize your guest room as you travel through the holidays.

At this time of year, you are either the guest or the host so now is a great time to help you think about why going home for the holidays is all about organized guest rooms.

I used my knack for finding order in the midst of chaos to create low cost printable bundles that will help you organize your daily life, your home, holidays, back to school time, and more. Print them out and organize your life today!

Here are tips for the best way to organize your linen closet and make it easier for everyone.

While its best to keep things tidy all year long, it’s the holiday season that can give your linen closet a workout. So you want to make sure no matter who opens those doors, they’ll find exactly what they need without being covered in blankets or towels as they fall.

Here are my tips to organize board games so they are in tip top shape by the time your guests arrive.

If at no other time of the year, the holidays really do bring out the board game lover in us all. That’s why it’s totally worth your time to organize your board games before the holidays begin.

The holidays are such a fun and festive time and I’d be lying if I said you aren’t working twice as hard.  Hosting guests is a blessing, but it does take some additional prep time to make things run smoothly so you enjoy the visit as much as those who stay at your home. Tell me…

What are your must do organizing tasks before your holiday guests arrive?

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I hope your time spent hosting holiday guests is blessed ~ after all, that’s what the holidays are all about! Thanks so much for stopping by. We’ll see you next time!

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    Even though I’m a little late to this post, I definitely needed these tips for Christmas guests! I was getting a bit anxious. This is going to help a lot. Loving the blog! Keep it up.

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