Get Organized and Go Green!

I am so honored to be blogging today on Build-A-Bear Workshop’s wonderful new blog, Behind the Seams.  As part of my ongoing relationship with Build-A-Bear as a Friends Count Brand Ambassador, working with the Digital Bear Team is a delight and I’m thrilled to be sharing our organized insights with such “beary” special friends.

An excerpt…

Re-Imagine:  Don’t throw what you own then run to the store to buy something new.  People change and as we do, the way we use the items in our homes can change too.  If you find you no longer use an item in a particular way, take a second look to see if it can meet your organized needs in another way.  If you find you truly have no use for it then by all means, move it along!


I’d love to see you there so please stop by and while you are there, tell me what are your tips getting organized and going green?

Disclosure: Thanks to Build-A-Bear Workshop for inviting me to guest blog on Behind the Seams.  Its a wonderful opportunity for us to share our message of living life generally well organized and exceptionally well loved with a community that is built on the simple notion that friendship makes the world go round.

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