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#DIY Hall Coat Closet Funky Spaces with EasyClosets.com | gomominc.com

Today begins the next installation in our Funky Spaces Series with EasyClosets.com and this time it’s all about our hall coat closet. There’s no time like the holidays when your house if full of guest and the coats they wear that you realize just how poorly designed and inefficient your space can be.  You might think I have the perfectly organized house. However just like you, I’m at the mercy of what the builder put into our home as a starting point to work with. And this hall closet just off the foyer is one of the funkiest spaces you’ll ever see from me but thanks to the folks at EasyClosets.com, that’s about to change.  Let me show you why!

While it might seem fabulous to have this huge walk in closet in such a key location take a closer look. I’ve talked about this space before as a great spot for picture organization ~ really a dumping ground truth be told. However you have the hanging bar for the coat that gives you just 12″ clearance and your ability to access the additional 4 feet behind them is completely blocked off. Check out all the tons of unstirred memorabilia.

The space goes super high which could be useful but then there is a ledger that cuts off access to any of the space below taking out half of the floor space that could be there.

So what I’ve got is a huge walk in closet that doesn’t really work thanks to a poorly placed hanging rod and a funky ledge that cuts the working space in half. And its full of a bunch of unorganized memorabilia that is begging for my attention in 2015. So…thanks to the folks at EasyClosets.com we are going to completely redo the hall closet with a wonderful system that will maximize the effieciency of the space. It will start with relocating some key functions and adding in some new features to give my husband some useful personal space and all kinds of seasonal storage solutions too.

So this kicks off our Funky Spaces Hall Coat Closet series and I think you’re going to love the outcome!   If you are looking for hall closet design inspiration, check out our Entryway Organizing Tips Pinterest Board for some of my favorite finds.  And check out our Entryway Drop Zone series to see how awesome that space turned out to be too.  As I’ve said before, with a little advance planning, these projects are so totally doable in a weekend once you have them in hand. You’ll be amazed at how efficient the EasyClosets.com process is and I promise you will love the outcome! Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!


Disclosure:  special thanks to EasyClosets.com for providing product for this project.  All organized thoughts are entirely my own.

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  • Jo-Lynne Shane December 5, 2014, 11:17 am

    I can’t wait to see what you do with this closet!

  • Molly Gold December 5, 2014, 11:45 am

    Jo-Lynne its been a thorn in my organized side for 9 years!!! Best project I could hope for and we are smitten with the outcome for sure =) Thanks for stopping by!

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